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The basic question is:  are there any images of Torog's exarchs anywhere on the net?

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Not that I know of. I'm not sure there are good pictures of them in the Underdark book (there probably are for at least a couple). There are supposedly 4 exarchs, but honestly my Underdark book is packed away somewhere and I really don't remember. Torog never really spun my wheels.
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big torog fan here. you could use wrackspawn? at least that is what i would do. this is from dungeon 177 with an angel of torment pictured as well. underdark doesnt have pics of the exarchs if i remember correctly; i am at work so i cant check

also how about some cenobites?

One of the exarchs is a wrackspawn, or will be as soon as the "training" period is done.  According to the fluff her name is Jerran, the only wrackspawn to gain back her name & gender.

You have the free will to agree or disagree.
You have the ability to act freely on the above choice regardless of the consequences.

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