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hello all! im new to this site and new to DnD but im certainly no stranger to fantasy! im playing a Drow wizard right now who is leading an unlikely party of companions on an epic journey across forgotten realms. i openly present myself as a loyal servant of Shar mistress of the night, but i am secretly a servant to Vecna the deciever and i have my own agenda that the party is unaware of.

im here to offer you my creative energy! if you're having trouble coming up with history/a story for you character then dont hesitate to ask! just give me the details you have so far and ill do my best to come up with something interesting for you, and hopefully unique! 

to demonstrate my writing abilities ill a monologue my character says while introducing my friends monk character, Chro'nox disciple of time. 

you'll also notice that i put a nice big comma everywhere i have a slight pause in my speech, i just write things down the exact way i say them XD, so please excuse my many punctuation errors!

The tale of Chro'nox is older than the very ground we walk upon, and yet for a tale so ancient, few have ever heard it recounted.
for Chro'nox is legend only to the drow and other races of the underdark, and it is not often that one meets a citizen of the underdark, particularly drow.
but even more of a rare occurence is meeting someone who knows first hand of Chro'nox and how he came to be. please forgive my discretion earlier,
and allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kalen'vael...but you may know me better as "the shade of the underdark".

(at this point it would be cool for 1 of the other characters to be like "gods be dammed, you do exist!")

long ago, before the trees were tall, when the world was young, a stranger came down from the mountains. the stranger did not look anything like the local inhabitants,
and he spoke in an odd tongue. it soon became obvious that he did not come in good peace, he was a powerfull sorcerer who could manipulate the very
water we drank, and the air we breathed. none could stand up to his might, and those who tried were burned alive, ripped apart by razor winds, or worse.
for months the sorcerer conqeured land surrounding the mountain, killing those who opposed him, and enslaving those who chose the path of cowardice.

when it seemed as though all hope was lost, in our worlds darkest hour, another stranger came down from the mountain. those who had betrayed their kin
and allied themselves with the sorcerer, confronted the stranger as he approached the first village. the stranger told them to band together and rise up against
the tyrant who had enslaved their families and taken their homes, but the villagers honor had already been bought with the likes of gold, roast boar and fine wine.
when the villagers tried to arrest the stranger, he fought and killed 100 men with his bare hands, it is said that his fists struck the ground with such force,
the very earth cracked beneath him killing dozens at a time. in awe of his power, others found the courage to unite and march on the evil sorcerers keep.
the battle was terrifying, and left hundreds of thousands dead. the sorcerers army was crushed and he fled to the mountains is a desperate bid to escape,
but he was pursued closely by the monk and those who suffered most from his evil. the battle between the monk and the sorcerer in the mountains was truly spectacular,
those who witnesed the fight described it as the gods themselves clashing. eventually the 2 strangers were locked in a stalemate, and the monk was quickly losing power.

dozens of men, elves, dwarves, and orcs rushed forward to aid the monk; 1 of them, an elder priest from the northern tribes of Bal' Kar, raised and readied to strike with
a magic blade blessed by selune, goddess of light. the sorcerer began to overpower the monk and released a wave of dark energy that killed every single one of the would be saviors.
upon seeing the elder priest suffocated in darkness, many began to panick and flee the mountain. it was at this moment a young elf by the name of Cael'Shan
cast aside all hope of recieving selune's mercy, and cried out to the dark lady Shar, mistress of the night. Shar came to him with a wicked smile on her face "why do you call to me elf? why do you not beg my sister for aid?",
Cael cursed Selunes name and swore a blood oath to Shar, pledging eternal service in exchange for salvation and the power to defeat this mighty foe. Shar cackled meniacly with glee, "so be it" she said,
and blessed Cael with her mark, granting him power not meant for the fragillity of mortals.

Caels body was consumed by shadows and he screamed in agonizing pain, this startled those few brave enough to have stayed behind, then the screaming stopped and was replaced with meniacle laughter.
Caels body no longer held form, he was a dark thick mist with 2 blazing purple eyes in the center, he drifted towards the sorcerer and began to eveloppe his body in shadow.
the sorcerer screamed in terror as he began to lose control of his limbs. the monk took this opportunity to summon the last of his strength, and with a silent prayer he performed
a series of hand movements, creating an energy barrier around him and the sorcerer. as his last command, the monk bade the onlookers prepare an ancient prison cell to lock himself and the sorcerer inside.
the prison cell was a suit or armor that the monk had brought with him and left in the mountains should it have ever come to this, and so it was done.
the sorcerer and the monk were locked within the suit of armor, and the armor was locked within a secret chamber deep in the mountains depths.
what happened to Cael is not known, some say that he watches over the planes of shadow for the dark lady Shar, honoring the oath he made of eternal service.

after the prison chamber was made, and Chro'nox sealed away to rest eternally undisturbed, the survivors of the conflict began to descend the mountain path and return to their families and homes.
but no great victory comes without great costs. furious by the audacity and brazen insolence of Cael, Selune descended from the skies and evoked her wrath upon his people.
"how dare you call to my sister in your hour of need, how dare you disgrace my name and abandon the light, insolent pathetic mortals" echoed Selune "behold! as you have turned your back on the light,
so shall the light turn its back on you, may you never be graced with its warmth again!" Selune raised her hands and began sapping the light from the bodies of Caels people.
their skin turned black as night, while their hair turned a pale ghostly white. "look upon yourselves and despair, now all will know that you were the fools who defied Selune and disgraced the light,
all will see the darkness of your skin and know my wrath, all will look upon the pale light of your hair and know my mercy" "never again shall the light guide you, for i who am eternal will not suffer the reckless impulses of mortals."

a great flash of light illuminated the area and Selune was gone. the light began to burn the skin of Caels people and they rushed to cover their faces and bodies, fearing that the light itself would burn them alive,
they fled to the mountain depths and were never seen or heard from again. but obviously here i am standing before you, and i can tell you that we did not in fact disapear forever.
you see, Selune is indeed both wrathful and merciful, she granted us the mercy of seeing the moons cold pale light each and every night, a reminder of the time when we could walk among surface dwellers,
when we could feel the warmth of daylight. because of this The Dark lady Shar took pity on us, and made us masters of the night, some say it was not Shars pity that lead her to bless us with the eternal shadow,
but because she loves nothing more than to torment and mock her sister. regardless of the petty triflings of gods, my people upheld Caels oath and have been the nights children ever since.

for 15,000 years have we watched the chamber of Chro'nox. my ancestors killed those who sought to release the monster once again upon this world, my own father died protecting it from those who would awaken Chro'nox from his eternal sleep.
and now strangers... i ask you help me do just that...