The Horde Test

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The Horde Test

This test will enable solo playtest your warband builds. This is a survival race for the player to reach maximum leadership score of 15 without losing to the regular loss conditions in the standard ruleset. The details for play and set up are as follows in no particular order.

  • The tester faction only has a creature deck.

  • Each turn the tester faction draws a single creature and deploys that creature disregarding any limiting concept of leadership.  The tester faction gets to immediately deploy its creatures in the refresh stage (think snig style) and starts with two creatures drawn. If at any time the player’s forces remove all the testers forces from the board the tester faction immediately deploys an additional new creature for its next round of play.

  • The tester faction deck has to have at least 6 cards in it.

  • The tester faction can be constructed out of any creatures however for comparison purposes when referring to the test preformed you should mention the average number of levels per creature. IE a deck of all Dragon Knights would be a 5.0 tester deck.  

  • Creatures must move and engage when possible in the way most advantageous to their cause. Your results will only be as fulfilling as your sportsmanship will afford you ($.02).

  • Treasure is implemented such that when the tester creature collects one, you the player stand to lose a moral.

  • Map size should be small with an extra starting tile added for the tester faction (I use one large and three small for best results).


Given this criteria I find a deck with an average of 3.9 gave my custom deck an almost even win lose ratio. It actually helps me tune my deck and filters out the cards I really like from those my deck needs to see to perform. Make no mistake it’s no substitute for real players but I do recommend it.


My 3.9 Tester Deck

Half Orc Thug                3

Copper Dragon              6

Dragon Knight               5

Earth Guardian              4

Bugbear Berserker          4

Drow Priestess              3

Dwarven Defender         2

I think I am going to discard the Drow Priestess after I do some house cleaning in my deck to tighten it up a little to bring it to an honest 4.0 deck.

Feel free to post up suggestions or test results.


I played anouther round of the solo format this lunch hour and survived up to the 15 leadership level with just a single moral point to spare. Play time was 25 mins maybe or less. I run a deck of

4 Drow Wizards
3 War Wizards
4 Clerics
1 Feral Troll
1 Dwarven Defender

I find I am really starting to prefer the drow wizards as they cast almost all the currents spells with the execption of Fireball but thats nothing a level up can't fix and share much need HP.

Once I get my deck tuned a little more I will post it up.