healing after or before dealing damage?

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I have a question regarding healing.

Someone makes an attack and I use immediate action to heal.
Can I heal a not wounded creaure, just before it takes damage?
What if damage is enough to kill a creature, is healing helpful in this situation?

The attack goes on the stack, followed by the heal to an unwounded creature.

The heal resolves first.  You return 10 hit points, but the creature is at full health, so no healing is done, even though your cleric is now tapped.

Then, the attack resolves.  The creature takes the damage, which is more than its maximum hit points, and is defeated.

So, no, preemptive healing does nothing, unless some damage has already been done to the target.  Then, you might be able to give it a small buffer of hit points such that the attack in question will not kill it. 
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