Elemental pact stuff

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So I have this idea for a dragonborn warlock with elemental pact. The dude is a former slave in the City of Brass, but during a joint assault on a small githzerai monastery his efreet master pissed off a grandpa volcano dragon and promptly became vapor. Tur and some of the other slaves who survived were offered a simple choice - become vapor or become his thralls by way of a modified eldritch pact.

Fifteen years of "indoctrination" later Tur is out in the material plane, sent to do his master's bidding.

Arthmatix, the volcano dragon in question, is reeeeeeaaaaaally old and decided that simply burning everything lacks class. So he now tries to act like a chessmaster, using pawns he brainwashed into servitude, to do... that one he still isn't sure of. But there is bound to be something devious and nefarious enough that results in complete incineration, right?

What I need help in is re-flavoring and customising various encounter and daily powers to fit the elemental pact, since there are absolutely no spells with elemental pact riders and flavor. Isn't it sad, Elemental Pact?