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Hello everyone, I have made an interesting discovery. It turns out that the Republican Party has found their way into the multiverse. Take a look.

Their Soil.

2 x Island

It seems that the United States have some how fallen into the Multiverse, they wish to defend their soil through ground miltary, but mostly through their navy.

Their Spending.
4 Ghostly Prison
4 Propaganda
4 Wall of Frost
4 Wall of Shards
Well, we can clearly see where their spending is going, half of their spending is going into defense, a forth into prisons, and then the last forth into propoganda to ensure that the other party doesn't reach presidency. Notice how they increasingly go into debt as they spend more.

Their Currency.
3 Gold Myr
3 Silver Myr
Ah, but where would they be if they lacked funds to spend, we can clearly see here their gold and silver reserves. As you can see, they are spending far more then they have.

Their proposed bills.
4 Thrummingbird
4 Vapor Snag
It seems that they are proposing into special units as well, those meant to get high valued targets.

Their national convention.
4 Contagion Engine
Here we can see where they nominate canidates for presidency, as well as writing their parties platform.

But wait, you could claim that these have nothing to do with the Republican Party, but this is where I prove to you that this is infact the republican party from the 112th session of congress.

The Senators.
4 Azor's Elocutors
These are the members of the Senate who endlessly filibuster any legisilation which originated from a diffrent party in an attempt to ensure a republican is elected for office next term. This is where we can safely say that the republican party has truely found its way into magic the gathering.

Now, tell me what you think of this deck, give me your thoughts, or critisms on how I can improve this deck, thanks for taking the time to make suggestions.

Sorry, I had to.....

Also: Tezzeret's Gambit? They have to gather funding to support the cause....

"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."


Sorry, I had to.....

Also: Tezzeret's Gambit? They have to gather funding to support the cause....

The republicans would wish to tax the lower income citizens in order to gain funding, perhaps, but the republicans must ensure that the lower income citizens do not realize that they are trying to tax them until after the election.

Translation: This seems like a decent card, but I am not sure what I could replace it with.

put in conjured curency and bribe

But such acts of bribery would cause the House of Representatives to file an impeachment against the senators, in which case would cause the senator to be tried by his fellow senators, and would most likely be found guilty of such acts of bribery and counterfeiting which would in turn have them thrown out of congress and thus their filibusters would no longer stall other parties legislation, which would likely mean that their party would lose in the presidential campaign.

Translation: Conjured Currency would effectively cause me to lose the game, as the person would just exchange Azor's Elocutors with Conjured Currency once I swap it with one of his creatures, causing me to lose the game. Bribery wouldn't help much with the goal of the deck.

what? a political themed deck with no droning bureaucrats.  They may even be useful in your deck too.
What about the Presidential Candidate and his Vice President?
What about the Presidential Candidate and his Vice President?

The president is assumed to be the "planeswalker."

The Republican Party advocates that the people support congress, they believe that the pitiful support in congress right now, some might say its due to the republican party freezing the legislation in congress, preventing any major forms of legislation from being signed in an attempt to get a republican president elected, but the republican party argues that the other parties are being too partisan, making support for their legislation impossible.

Translation: Bump.
wares the police?
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