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which charm do you like better in a jund deck Golgari or radkos?

was trying to decide which to run in the deck and which one to side board. is one superior to the other or is the rest of the deck more important than judging the cards in a vaccum? I guess the question is which one is more genreally usefull?
Why only one? I would run 3 of each in the 'board, but then I play Zombies.
With the little we know about the meta, I would say Golgari is the better main deck card of the two.  Killing mana dorks, tokens, Snapcasters, Detention Spheres, and Supreme Verdicts is going to be useful all over.  Rakdos is good sideboard, but I'm not entirely sure there would be room for it.  If Reanimator becomes a thing then exiling graveyards will be important, but all the best artifacts rotated out and the 3rd ability isn't something you should expect to use often.
Both are pretty mediocre unless you have a very specific task for them. They're no Izzet.
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The Golgari gives a lot of utility and I think is better in this format.

I guess Rakdos can burn vs. aggro (not well), there are cheaper artifact hate (if artifacts become a thing), and in Jund you have Deathrite Shaman and Vile Rebirth against Animator.
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