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First post in awhile, here's the deck I'm working on.
It focuses on Axebane Guardian and other defenders to produce a lot of manna, and then finish them off with dragons. Once it gets going it can cast overloaded cyclonic rifts and mizzium mortars without to much of a problem.

Creature (20)

    4x Axebane Guardian
    3x Fog Bank
    3x Gatecreeper Vine
    2x Hover Barrier
    2x Hypersonic Dragon
    2x Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
    2x Thundermaw Hellkite
    2x Utvara Hellkite

Instant (9)

    3x Cackling Counterpart
    2x Cyclonic Rift
    4x Fog

Sorcery (9)

    4x Farseek
    3x Jarad's Orders
    2x Mizzium Mortars

Artifact (2)

    2x Chromatic Lantern

Land (20)

    5x Forest
    6x Island
    1x Mountain
    3x Overgrown Tomb
    3x Rootbound Crag
    2x Steam Vents

I've been testing it on and it generally seems to do well, has some issues though. Occasionally I'll  be producing a bunch of manna, but draw nothing to but have nothing to do with it. Also, it requires a lot of set up, and more aggressive decks would probably give it lots of problems.

4 Gatecreeper Vine 4 Fog Bank 4 Axebane Guardian 4 Farseek is probably enough of a ramp package. I dont like hover barrier in it.
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