Dragontooth Flame Wand?

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If I have the Superior Implement Training (Dragontooth Wand) feat. Is there such a thing as a Dragontooth Flame Wand +1 which would incorperate both the Deadly and Unerring properties as well as the +1 to Attack and Damage rolls from the Flame wand? Would it be the same level and cost as a Flame Wand?

Also for the Flame wand. The Power is Encounter: As the wizard's scortching burst power. If I already have this power does this mean I can use it twice an encounter? 

Thanks for any help. 
Yes. A superior Wand such as a Dragontooth can be enchanted with any Wand enchantment (Player's Handbook 3 pg. 195)

If you have a Flame Dragontooth Wand and you already have Scorching Burst power, it means you will have Scorching Burst as an at-will wizard power and a Flame Dragontooth Wand power working as Scorching Burst as an encounter power. Not very useful in this case since you will already be able to produce this effect at-will.

Superior Implement: Despite their magical origin, superior Implements aren't magic item per se, but like non-superior implements. they can be enchanted with the Enchant Magic Item rital.

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