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This is my new B/W token deck since rotation.  I am on a budget and I would like to add a few various things such as Armada Wurm and shock lands but this is what I have.  What I want to know is what decks will be strong against this and what I can sideboard in to help me.  Thank you!


LANDS - 22
Isolated Chapel – 4X
Selesnya Guildgate – 4X
Golgari Guildgate – 4X
Grove of the Guardian – 2X
Vault of the Archangel – 2X
Forest – 3X
Plains – 2X
Sunpetal Grove – 1X

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad – 2X
Garruk Relentless – 1X
Vraska the Unseen – 1X

Sigarda, Host of Herons – 1X
Thragtusk – 2X
Trostani, Selesnya's Voice – 2X
Odric, Master Tactician – 2X

Druid's Deliverance – 4X
Intangible Virtue – 4X
Gatecreeper Vine – 4X

Midnight Haunting – 4X
Lingering Souls – 4X
Call of the Conclave – 4X
Doomed Traveler – 2X
Wayfaring Temple – 1X

I honestly wouldn't bother with the gates. They're too slow. 3 more Sunpetal Groves obviously. I would refocus a bit on your creature base, mainly Sigarda, Host of Herons and Wayfaring Temple. For one, the temple is win-more in this kind of deck, and should be a 4-of with Rancor to be of any use. Sigarda is a powerful card, but at 1-of, you're not going to draw her hardly ever, and you want consistancy. I'd actually consider more Thragtusk and/or Doomed Travelers (more travelers for early game, and more thrag because it gives you life + token). I'm also going to mention Fungal Sprouting, though, again, that works better with the Wayfaring Temple + Rancor strategy. The life-gain here seems kind of tacked on, but i dunno. If you want a more control-oriented Junk deck, then more black spot removal, at least one more Ordic, Master Tactician and some more combat tricks.

Just my opinions.


I run a similar deck, its pure bw tokens with an exalted twist. I recommend scratching black from your deck, it does nothing really except flash your souls, and between hauntings, centaur tokens, etc i think its excessive. i know sorin has appeal but in reality a mikaeus will get you his second ability for a slight two mana. I only play sorin as an eventuality in the absence of virtue, suggest you do the same Or get red of him. Board in sundering growth against artifacts and enchantments, dryad militant and crypt against grave/control decks, and o-ring against angel of serenity type bs/reanimator. Add sigardas, scratch wayfaring temples theyre too conditional. Put in arbor elves as well for boost. Two more thragtusk if you want to be op...trostani and odric id keep (3 or 4 of each) they give the deck a nice flavor since those cards don't see much play but are solid four drops. now your curve would be a bit higher so farseek or the new avacyn guy that taps for three mana for creature spells could be appropriate. Possibly keep a few gb or wb duals and continue to run souls, but no hard black cards.

good luck 
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