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I've been playing D&D on and off since 2nd Edition was new and am now in my late 30's.  Due to real life commitments and the fact my group now live all over the UK, we can only play online about once a month at best.  I'm really missing playing face to face so would love to join a group playing nearby (I am happy to travel a reasonable distance - say 30 miles so Basingstoke/Reading/Guildford would be options).

Failing that, if enough people are interested, how about setting up a group? 

I'm based in Guildford and also on the lookout for a group. I'm in pretty much the same situation as you, so if we can find a couple more people we could definitely get something sorted.

I'm more than happy to DM as well
I'm also in Guildford and looking for more people to play with. I can't drive so if a game within Guildford is possible, I'm happy to put my name down.