Brainstorm for blue slaad character concept? [actually 3.5]

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I play D&D 3.5 but posted here because it's the only real character concept board on these forums.

My old character (a half-orc fighter) gave birth to a blue slaad and named it Caesar. He survived the birthing process through magic but was later poisoned by a spider and killed. Anyway, I now have the awesome opportunity to play a blue slaad! The only real thing I know about him is he is saddened greatly by the death of his father, he is chaotic good (his party members have instilled him with proper ethics and morals), and he is only slightly less intelligent than the average human (he's wearing an amulet that grants +2 intelligent for a total INT score of 8).

So far I've been role-playing him as a curious, child-like character who speaks in toddler-level Common. He is asexual as all slaad are but is treated as a male by his party members and therefor identifies as a male.

I have some questions to answer about this character, but any suggestions/comments are welcome.

1. How naturally chaotic is he? All slaad are creatures of chaos, and blue slaad tend to be aggressive bullies, usually chaotic neutral, but I want Caesar to be fairly civilized. But how much pure chaotic instinct does he possess which cannot be trained out of him?

2. What class should he adopt? Barbarian or fighter would probably make the most sense, but I just played a fighter and I'm bored with that, and we have a barbarian and I would rather fill a more unique role. I'd like to play a wizard except that blue slaadi are not intelligent enough for that. My fellow players suggested paladin but a paladin lizard is the epitome of cheesiness. Perhaps rogue? As in a quick and cunning warrior, not a sly or cowardly thief. Any suggestions?

3. How is his mind different from the minds of humans, dwarves, elves, etc? How is it foreign and alien? How different does he think from other people?

4. Any other significant 3.5 slaad lore I should know about?

Thanks for your help, guys! 
Your slaad just found god. It is now a cleric. Or druid. Toddler speak a sermon or two and you're gold.
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