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I thought of a planeswalker that has a goal, and does not have any - abilities.

Wenadron Pullmarch 
Planeswalker- Wenadron
When ~'s loyalty reaches 20, each player chooses 3 permanents, and exiles every permanent they control except for the 3 they chose. You do not have to activate this ability.
+2 Each player puts a 2/2 Drake token with flying onto the battlefield.
+2 Each player gains 3 life.
+2 Each player untaps 3 lands they control.
+2 Each player adds to their mana pool

Tezzeret, the Artificier 
Planeswalker- Tezzeret
When ~'s loyalty reaches 30, each other non-artifact permanent is exiled.
0 Target permanent becomes an artifact in addition to it's other types.
+1 Gain control of target artifact and lose 5 life
+X Sacrifice an artifact, and add X loyalty counters to ~, where X is the cards converted mana cost.
+6 Sacrifice 3 artifacts

Nicol Bolas, The Insane 
Planeswalker- Nicol Bolas
When ~'s loyalty reaches 25, you win the game.
+4 Gain control of target land, lose 3 life.
+2 Destroy target permanent, then sacrifice 2 permanents.
+1 Draw 5 cards, then discard 2 cards.
0 Nicol bolas's loyalty cannot go down this turn.
Phelddagrif, the planeswalker.

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I'm not sure the first ability is sufficiently different from a {-20} activation.
The World of Eldangard - a three act M:tG block by Fallingman Eldangard Stormfront Ragnarok
I'm not sure the first ability is sufficiently different from a {-20} activation.

Also, considering how small JTMS's rules box was, I'm inclined to think this would look hideous in real life.
Greater Morphling isn't supposed to be taken seriously.
I like the concept, and I shall borrow it.

Pheldagrifa, planeswalking hippo MANA COST
Planeswalker -
+2: each player gains 3 life
As long as ~ has 8 or more loyalty counters, whenever a spell deals damage, each player gains that much life.
As long as ~ has 15 or more loyalty counters, whenever an opponent draws a card, draw that many cards.
As long as ~ has 20 or more loyalty counters, creatures without flying can't attack.
Pocket Hippo

Art By BartBar 

Pocket Hippo

Creature — Phelddagrif
Pocket Hippo can’t have cards attached to it.
As long as Pocket Hippo’s power is 1 or less, it’s unblockable.
Whenever Pocket Hippo attacks and isn’t blocked, you may name a single ability from any card in Magic: The Gathering and have it take effect until the beginning of your next upkeep.
This tiny lil hippo still boasts incredible power, with an apitite that'll make you wish you just bought a real one so at least you could ride it to the pet store and back when you buy its food (which weighs a ton, and is very heavy to carry all the way home).

Alternate Flavor-text

You'll need a real Phelddagrif just to carry all its food home from the pet store.

Double Alternate Flavor-text

This tiny hippo still boasts incredible power, but you'll need a real Phelddagrif just to carry all its food home from the pet store.


I'm not sure the first ability is sufficiently different from a {-20} activation.

It's different because planeswalkers only activate 1 ability each turn, but this happens instantly.
Pocket Hippo would need two cards. One for the art and the other for the text, because it's just too much to jam it all in there together.


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