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I'm compiling a list for all alternative terms people have encountered in D&D, novels, comic books, European-style bandes dessinée, TV shows and movies, that describe psionic users.

In D&D's Dark Sun, there's the term mindbender, usually a negative term meant to describe those with the power to pry the secrets from your mind and make you do as they wish.

What other terms have you encountered? 
I thought the Battlemind would be pretty much an armored Jedi. Though I like the German pronounciation (Yay-dee).
Really, there are a lot of options, depending on what version/uses the person has.
Other possibilities:
Mentalist, telepath, teek (TK), teep (Telepath), Mind Walker, Mind Warper, psychic surgeon, mind ripper, (mind) shaper, Follower of the ___ Path, Devotee of ____, and of course, the ever popular SCANNER (from which I derived Ephemerol Adict/Victim/Product).
Teep and teek: Babylon 5 FTW!

Yeah, I forgot about mindwalker. Great one
although the term is a misnomer, i've seen ESPer used countless times (ESP= extra sensory perception, but doesn't represent psychokenetics, or others who move things with thier mind, but are limited to the normal 5 senses) 


 Forgot where I saw that one, but I read it somewhere.


I am the Magic Man.

(Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)


I am the Lawnmower Man.



I am the Skull God.

(Koo Koo Ka Choo)


There are reasons they call me Mad...

Ego user (Champions online), Id Blade user (Same), 

I can think of a couple more

Mentalist (though that has an actual defition but could easily be used to describe someone who uses the mind for tricks and whanot)

 I could make stuff up honestly but I dont want to take the forum away from the intended purposes
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