card comparison. could use some help.

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ok so this isnt exactly a comparison. but a: WHICH CARD DO YOU THINK WOULD WORK BETTER IN MY DECK comparison.

here is a link to my deck:

ok so first comparison: Geist of saint traft vs vendilion clique  i compare these more for the price range. both r about 25 each. i dont have enough for both in a deck.

2nd: vendilion clique vs delver of secrets in my deck do you think delver is even worth running? i like to hold mana open for counterspells early on anyway so delver might not even come down for 3-5 turns.
Geist by a mile.  It's a threat that is almost impossible to get rid of.  Plus, you've got enough removal to clear the way for it.

Delver by a mile.  Again, it's a more durable threat that is easy for you to protect.  You shouldn't be holding it, as there is very little turns 1-2 that you will ever need to counter.  Anything the opponent can do on turn 1 (or even turn 2 if you're on the draw) can easily be undone by a Path to Exile or a Lightning Bolt.

Clique isn't really a threat.  It's much more useful as hand disruption against combo or cards you simply do not have any answers for in the 75.
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