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Ok so i just recently came back to the game and i have always loved playing zombie decks so i figured i would like to go down that road and run a zombie token deck for my first deck back to the game. However the rough patch i am in is decideing what colors to run with the black green or blue? I have been looking at different cards in the colors to go with the token deck but im not sure which is a better choice. With green i would have the ability to ramp up mana and get some good things out fast. An seems to also have some good combo potential to it with cards like Parallel Lives and Endless Ranks of the Dead and in a perfect world parallel lives combo with Army of the Damned also adding with other zombie produceing cards Moan of the unhallowed, grave titan etc..... then stuffing mana stuff in the deck to get manas out faster ie Birds of Paradise           Now on the other side of things with blue you have some other good cards such as Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Undead Alchemist Diregraf Captain and Havengul Lich. An ofcurse blues couter abilites. so if anyone out thre can toss in their input and help me figure this out it would be cool thanks guys.
tbh endless, army and undead alchemist which are the decent zombie token producers belong in different decks. Instead of thinking of what stuff you want on the board, think of the mechanics/conditions that willl make those cards work best and then add in other cards that either set up those conditions or benefit from them.
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