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I'm a huge fan of draw delayed discard effects. And Izzet.

Creature - Goblin Wizard
Whenever ~ becomes tapped draw a card.
Whenever ~ becomes untapped discard a card.
: Tap or untapped target creature.

I dunno. Maybe its too much. Then again, with Izzet, too much is about right.
Note: Edited down to less crazyness. 
~ Is unblockable? :/
Oh. Crap. You are correct.
Actually, both on wording and how that ability is too much.
Goblin Wizards give me the "not dis *eherm* agein". By all nature the Goblins are a primitive race. They can be cunning based on instinctual strategy, ruthlessness, but smart goblins seem like a "once in a blue moon" type of thing, you know? I'm not trying to knock it, I'm just trying to express the weight that Goblin Pyromancer carries.


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