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I have some questions about Unseen Servant.

1. Can Unseen Servant do cooking?
2. Can Unseen Servant move in the air?
3. Can Unseen Servant do climbing?
3. Can two or more Unseen Servants cooperate and work?  For example, can they carry the board with which man got upwards?
No, unless the cooking was simple (ie "stir this"). Cooking is a complex task, and unseen servant is not intelligent.

Yes, subject to spell range. It is a disembodied force, not a creature subject to gravity.

No. It floats already, why would it need to climb?

...I have no idea what you're asking with 4.

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Just because, I'm on my second beer, I'm going to consider this a game-challenge.  

My money's on:  The OP doesn't normally speak english, and he wants to know if the unseen servants can get a ladder (which he calls a board) up after him, after he gets up a wall.  Possibly to get to a prepared lunch at the top.

For number 4 (I'm assuming the second "3" is supposed to be a "4"), I would say that you can direct one servant to help another servant with a simple task.

For the given example, you'd direct the first servant to "bring that board here" and then direct the second servant to "help my other unseen servant to bring that board here".  I suggest giving the specific part about helping because otherwise the servants could possibly act without regard for each other's work in achieving the goal.

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As to just how "intelligent" an unseen servant can be...  hmmm

I recall a spell, which may have been AD&D called "Construction Team" that summoned multiple Unseen Servants with worker's tools that could work on building things like homes or ships.  For some reason, I recall a pinkish mauve hardcover with some guy riding a white griffon and holding a long dark sword, hardback.

One of my players (now going full-mode unofficial!!!) once wrote a spell for his paladin (3.5) which I disallowed as not being in the spirit of the paladin spell list (which if you actually look, none of them are utility, they are all holy effects), but was so creative that I have always kept it on file, in case I ever changed my mind.  (Moot point, I moved to Utah from Ohio soon after that and will likely never see those old friends again).  But for giggles, I'll paste it.

New Paladin Spell

Version 3.5

I've decided to research a new paladin spell, a first level version of "Unseen Servant", but I'm going to name it "Unseen Squire". It will be exactly like the existing spell in all ways but one: The Unseen Squire will be limited in functions to only the types of things a squire would normally attend to for his Knight; Saddling or feeding a mount or warhorse; Cleaning, polishing and sharpening weapons; And (here's the real reason I need this spell), Assisting the paladin in the donning of full plate armour.

See, what keeps happening, is that my paladin keeps ending up off on solo adventures or quests, where he can't have henchmen or servants along of the normal variety (as in, he can't in good conscience put them in certain-death danger), and there's that pesky "Full Plate Armour requires assistance to don; Without assistance, this armour can only be donned "hastily".", ie. a -1AC penalty and armour checks etc.

BTW, my friend David, who has almost an eidetic memory, was able (after 15+ years!) to recall that the AD&D book was "Greyhawk Adventures" and that the spell was "Bigby's Construction Crew".
I have some questions about Unseen Servant.

3. Can two or more Unseen Servants cooperate and work?  For example, can they carry the board with which man got upwards?

This may be two unseen servants holding a plank, and the caster hops up onto the plank.  
It would work as long as the total weight didn't exceed the 20 pound limit of the unseen servant carrying capacity.  So you could have a halfling's palanquin carried by unseen servants.  And if they can fly, then they could carry the palanquin around, and that would be pretty cool, if pretty slow.  

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I have some questions about Unseen Servant.

1. Can Unseen Servant do cooking?
2. Can Unseen Servant move in the air?
3. Can Unseen Servant do climbing?
3. Can two or more Unseen Servants cooperate and work?  For example, can they carry the board with which man got upwards?

1- yes but only simple cooking checks of 10 or lower.
2- Nop the spell description say that her speed is 15Fts and never say that he can fly(but you can casting it over him).
3-yes while the DC are 10 or lower.
4- Yes while the weight are under her capabilities.
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1. Can Unseen Servant do cooking?

Yes, it can do any skill that can be done with a DC 10, Untrained.
2. Can Unseen Servant move in the air?

Yes and No. The Unseen servant only has a move speed, not a fly speed and thus does not fly.

However the spell only specifies a range and not the actual size/space  or reach of the servant and calls it shapeless. It is also not a physical creature, but a force. and therefore the ussual rules of movement don't apply "servant" is used loosely to mean that the force can do the work of a servant, not that it sumons a servant in the sense of an actual medium sized being with arms and legs that walks on the ground.

So a level 7 Wizard could use Unseen Servant to say, change the candles on a 40 high chandelier, it could simply reach up.
Since it has no Fly speed however, it isn't flying. Rather it is reaching up. Someone on the ground for example could still attack it on the square below. 

An unseen servant carrying something would appear to be "flying" because it is invisible and you would only see the object in question moving. Even carrying the object 40 feet in the air, the unseen servant is still on the ground reaching up.
3. Can Unseen Servant do climbing?
Yes, it can. However this would be redundant since it is a shapeless force and could simply move in that dirrection, no climb check is needed.

In the above example then the Unseen force could climb onto the the chandelier simply be reaching up, so long as it stayed in range.   
4. Can two or more Unseen Servants cooperate and work?  For example, can they carry the board with which man got upwards?

Yes, but they are limited in hieght to a reach of the spell's range (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)and 20 lbs each servant  a 200 lb man (with gear) would take 10 servants to lift 

Keep in mind that this might take a Balance check, for any maneuver with a DC higher then 10 there is a good chance that they fumble and the man falls off the board. For example you use a dozen unseen servants to carry you 40 feet above the enemy's reach. They could attack servants on the ground, with a 50% chance to hit if they deal over 6 damage you go falling, and even so the DM could rule that avoiding being hit while carrying you over enemies is past the DC 10 skill limit, so he could either has them unable to move through the enemy or else have them fail and drop you if they attempt. So while you can do this, you are at the DM's mercy.
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