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I'm in the middle of a game with a friend who has two Stuffy Doll.  On the Board I have Wolfir Silverheart and Geist Trappers that are soulbond.  I took a full swing with Wolfir and Geist and threw Overrun on them.  So this is where the question comes in.  He blocked both creatures with stuffy doll, but they have trample, and even though he's indestructable, he can only take 1 point of damage correct?  

Also, as far as his ability goes, since he can only take one damage, I only recieve one damage? 
You're correct, even though the doll is indestructible, it only neeeds 1 point of damage to "die" and the rest will trample through.

Other examples include Fog Bank and Guard Gomazoa in which creatures trample through.
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you have to assign 1 point of damage to each doll
you can assign the remaining damage to him, or to the dolls, if you want to for some reason

the dolls will only reflect how much damage they have taken, most likely 1 each
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Each stuffy doll will absorb 1 damage (dealing 1 damage per doll to you). the rest goes through to your opponent.

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