Challenge for those that understand the D&D board games mechanics

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(English aint my first language so...)

Looking for ONE D&D individual who understands the game mechanics + D&D well

Please no trolls or bashing. Only serious responses for
this competition.

This challenge is aimed toward the experienced D&D Players
or moderators whom understand the game mechanics well.

Games in topic: CRL - WOA - LOD
These Boardgames can be combined by tiles, monsters, pc etc...

The challenge:
1. come up with a leveling system for level 3-10
   This means also of what their level cards
   should say/display.(care for the text not the graphics)
   Level 1 says now for Thorgrim;
   Knowing that, Decide what would it display if it were level 3, 4 PC card etc...
   Keep in thought the game balance.
   Do this for PC of all three D&D BG

2. Because PC level so should the monsters, villains..
   No need to make rewrites. Instead friend thought of
   +1 or +2 or +3 tokens representing the monster bonus due
   to level balancing.(JUST AN IDEA..)
   If a PC is level 3 for example then he has a +1 token
   which means his stats are all increased across the board
   by 1 except damage maybe.....
   THIS IS JUST an idea concept instead of having more monsters
   spawn..Trying to say that i dont mind of creating newly made
   tokens to outweigh the level balancing.

3. For each hero create the below cards text based on the DM or PH: (Each would be different even for each fighter)
   2 new at will powers
   2 new daily's
   2 new utilities
   Keep in sense of the D&D world.

*ANY* 2 D&D boardgames of your choice(new obviously and unused)
shipped to your door.

Why am i doing this?
I do this usually for most board games i REALLY like and want to
expand without breaking its game balance.
I want to make it fun for my employees and obviously for me too.
Also for my nephew + nieces who are new D&D fans

THIS IS NOT for resale, but totally for expanded fun factor!!

PM or email me for questions + responses;

Winner is the first to agree to take on this task.
Thank you and may the D&D imagination forever expand.
Made some interpretation modification. Looking for one person who knows D&D well and can take upon the challenge of helping us complete the above task.. reward is negotiable..
Well The guy who was helping me on the challenge bailed...We were 3/4 done and :P He was a nice guy but...

He has just vanished and been unresponsive. Sux as i still have the reward to give and that i am still willing to do if anyone is can pickup the mantle.

We can discuss it in a email of whats left etc..
I sent a message to your E-mail.
The unofficial personal expansion project has been moving really well.
I am looking forward to completion which should be in the next month.
Current status:
- Game balance is done after much tweaking without changing the main games core rules
- Hero Powers almost done and set with for all Heroes
- Artwork done as things are revised and done correctly. Soon upon completion its off to the printshop
Overall thank you and job well done to the rewarded team. We still pushing, but things are
getting done. Any new help is overall much welcomed.

Below is only some of the huge work that has been done so far.
need more help on this as we finish putting the touches tot he LOD hero set.
Anyone interested in play testing the set rules with newly given hero powers?
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