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Tell us a bit more about the deck if you want some good responses. Budget? Win con? Strategy and personal favs? Anything that will help us to decide what's best to tweak.

Also, there are a coupel of other recent goblin deck threads that may offer some insight, if you haven't read them already.  

First impressions. Goblins is simple folk. Don't get to complicated and they will function better. I like all your multiples, but some of the one-offs could be cut to streamline the functioning. Siege-Gang Commander is a good card, but expensive for a fast aggro goblin deck w/o any kind of mana ramp. 1 is good, maybe 2. Many ppl will suggest more, but I HATE his CMC, and usually play him light (if at all anymore). Which brings us to Krenko, Mob Boss. Fantastic card. You'll want more though, because as soon as he drops, ALL eyes (as well as removal) will focus on him, and he won't last long. 2, or maybe 3, is good bet.

Mudbutton Clanger, Goblin Balloon Brigade, and Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician are cards I would cut. Ib Halfheart CAN be a win-con, if your goblins have haste, and you know an attack is going to get through. But after sacrificing those mountains, a well placed Fog will lose you the game. And Voracious Dragon, while having the possibilty of being VERY potent, is an extemely conditional win con. On the flip-side, timed well it can cap a game. So I'm torn on this one. Arms Dealer and Mogg War Marshal play very nicely together, but as I've said in another of the goblin threads, I prefer any direct damage options in the deck to include the opponent(s), especially in a deck with this speed. I.E. more Goblin Grenades, given the amount of tokens you may end up with.
I'd get rid of Goblin Offensive. I'd change Barbed Lightning to Searing Blaze. I'd also substitute Raging Goblin, Goblin Balloon Brigade, Mudbutton Clanger, and Bloodshot Trainee for other Goblins, they don't seem that great.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'm attempting to get as much damage in as quickly as possible, with a bit less emphasis on the later game. I usually try get in fast damage from cheap creatures (powered up if possible), and then sacrifice them for more damage. So Voracious Dragon is only good if I have a lot of goblins, so it is only good for really late game if I can't get past opponent's blockers?
Well, that's the way the Dragon is usually played in this type of deck. Play it, sac enough Goblins to deal killing damage to your opponent. But if you don't have enough to deal kill damage, then it's just a big flyer sitting there for your opponent(s) to knock off. IF they can't remove it by the next turn, AND IF they don't have a blocker, all is good in the 'hood, but like I said, very conditional. I like to just stick to the Goblins.
A playset of Grenades is a must. If you plan to attack aggressively more lookouts would help, more War marshals too as they get fun with multiple lookouts in play(or even just 1 out but more is better). I'd cut anything with a CMC more than 3 with the possible exception of Krenko who I'd bump up to 2x. Shrine of burning rage may be a good finsher or massive blow in late games.
Goblin War Strike is also a good one for that late game smack. It's much simpler tech, and Goblins like simple. As is Fireblast. All these goblin deck threads are turning into the same thing...