How are people playing the temple tile?

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Quick question, and I guess the rulebook answer is 'no', but are many people playing that the altar in the temple tile provides cover to creatures if the 4 corner LoS has to cross it?

Similarly, are people playing that the 'stairs' affect LoS? I know we had stairs previously, but that was in a start tile and cropped up far less as being relevant.
The Alter is not an Obstacle and neither are the stairs. There are no mechanics for altitude differentials.

Of course you're free to make some house rules and maybe that's what you're asking about. I haven't felt inclined to house rule this tile, it has enough going on anyway
It seems implied that the stairway cannot be jumped out of.  It should also provide some cover.
Are there squares, triangles or 'hazardous terrain' squiggles on that square? If yes, the rules are defined in the book. If not, the square has no special rules. It's that simple.

IIRC on that particular tile the stairs are difficult terrain (triangles) and the altar has none. As opposed to the altar on the undead tile, which has squares and therefore is an obstacle terrain.
I think that you have to treat the stairway similarly to how a real stairway would work.   Though I can see how this sort of framework leads to problems.  For example, running up stairs is much more time consuming than jumping down them.  And someone at the top of the stairway would have full view of a person at the bottom, while someone ten feet to the side of the stairway would have limited view.   But that leads to a tough question. Exactly where does a creature gain cover?  DarkAngel has a solution, but I say a stairway needs to be a stairway.
The difference in answers being that DarkAngel1979 goes strictly by the rules and Truthspeaker goes more by flavor.

Me, I'm more in favor of the obstacle=no blocking of LoS.

Of course, everyone is always free to house-rule stairs and altars as they see fit. Just keep in mind that this might bring up problems when playing with new players who are not familiar with your house rules or who might disagree.
I can understand the desire for flavor, but I think that must be kept to the RPG itself. Since Dungeon Command is trying to be a self-contained, stream lined game, with the possibility of customization and tournament play, we have to keep to the developed system and board setups. Now, if they errata it, then I'm all for making necessary changes. But of course, if you plan on playing the game only at home with friends, play in whatever format or with house-rulings that you desire. The cool thing is, if certain house-rules or game formats work very well and catch on, it could lead to new official game formats like drafting, pauper, and EDH (Commander) MtG. I haven't played DC enough yet to see if I want to try variants, but I could see trying scenarios and the like (kind of like Heroscape has) that still keep the official rules overall.

Now here is an errata idea if they want to change Stairwells to be Difficult Terrain in only one direction-Use an arrow symbol of sorts to show which direction is normal terrain (like going down the stairs) and which is difficult (going up). These arrows could also be used for all types of incline terrain, like hills, mountains, ramps, etc.
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If the stairs were supposed to be blocking LOS there would be squares, not triangles, on them. Just like the doors on some of the other tiles. This is a strategy game, not an RPG. And if anything going down stairs should definitely be at least as difficult terrain as going up them... if only because the rules don't include slipping and falling down the stairs because you ran down them like an idiot instead of being careful.
Thanks for all advice.

Agree completely with need to keep it simple, consistent and undrestood by all playing.

It wasn't a clarification on rules really I was looking for, it was more how people are playing a rule set designed in 2d and applying it to a game with pictures of 3d terrain.

Altar and stairs are both diffucult terrain on ToG tile with magic circle.

Difficult doesn't block LoS, neither does hazardous. Obstacle completely blocks Los across it.

Question was can you 'draw LoS to all 4 corners' of a creature's square if a large solid object is between you and it, e.g. an altar.

In game altar is 2d print. To mini in game altar is big bulky stone thing in way. More solid than an enemy halfling, which would block LoS...

According to rules it's insignificant that you're shooting through a huge chuck of stone at a taget hiding behind it?

Strange, really.

Far less bothered by stairs, can never work out which way they go anyway, or how steep they are (could be just as treacherous going down as up).
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