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How viable could a Seance/Parallel Lives deck be at this point?

I figure Mulch and Tracker's Instinct could be used to put guys in the yard, similar to a Frites deck.

Then use guys with ETB abilities.  Thragtusk, Armada Wurm (gives you 4 wurm tokens, 3 you get to keep!), Craterhoof Behemoth.

Also, Fiend Hunter and Angel of Serenity both work pretty well with it.  You Seance one in, get a token copy for free, stack the triggers so that Parallel Lives copy resolves first, targeting the Seance copy.  Exile their guys permanently and you get to keep your Parallel Lives copy.

I figure ramp and some sort of board stall (Lingering Souls?) would cover the lower end of the curve.

Does this seem feasible?
There are a couple problems with this type of deck.  Its really slow. While you are dumping stuff in your graveyard your opponent is building board presence and in all likelihood smashing your face with little aggressive dorks.  Your turn 4 play (providing you hit all your land drops) has no immediate board presence as you are probably playing an enchantment.

I'm not writing this kind of deck off completely because it can pull off some ridiculous late game shenanigans but be aware while you are dropping a parallel lives your opponent could be suiting up king dork and smashing you face in.
Seance token copies created by Parallel Lives leave play at the same time as their originators.
Populate copies stay in play.

Same goes for Geist of Saint Traft tokens, but additionally Parralell Lives tokens will be attacking, Populate ones will not.

If you really want to go that route, I think that you want to be using Parallel Lives with Seance to bring into play a Craterhoof Behemoth. Then you get two Craterhoof Behemoths. Thragtusk wouldn't be a bad option either.

Think you want to splash black for Lotleth Troll, because using Mulch and Tracker's Insticnts (you would want Grisly Salvage more) reduces the number of creatures going to your graveyard. Its also random, which isn't that great. Lotleth lets you bin creatures you don't want in your hand while giving you an in-play boost and a nice aggressive creature/regenerating blocker.

Lingering Souls is a nice card too. 

No clue about how good it would be, but a lot of people seem to want to be on that bus. I personally am not impressed. 


It sure doesn't seem tier 1 playable, but it seems like a fun deck to play all the same.  I absolutley agree with Grisly Salvage over Tracker's Instinct, and using Lotleth Troll for an early play.

I hadn't considered that Parallel Lives being a replacement effect would cause the extra tokens to disappear with Seance.  That does make the idea worse.
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