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okay do lands that say they come into play tapped unless you control X land or X land (IE rootbound crag), come into play tapped if you have 1 other rootbound crag?

T1 rootbound crag
T2 rootbound crag (does this one come into play tapped?) 
[C]Rootbound Crag[/C] is not a Mountain or a Forest, as it does not say it is on its type line in the middle of a card. Even though it produces red and green mana, it isn't one of those types of land, so a second Rootbound Crag would enter the battlefield tapped.

Compare this to [C]Stomping Ground[/C]. This is both a Mountain and a Forest. If you had a Stomping Ground on the battlefield and played Rootbound Crag, it would enter the battlefield untapped. 
T2 rootbound crag (does this one come into play tapped?) 

yes, because you don't have a land of type forest or mountain. You have to read the type line and Crag says just  "Land", not "Land - Mountain Forest"

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