Weapon for Svirfneblin Barbarian

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I made a Deep Gnome barbarian who use's a Heavy Warpick because my character builder says it has the small property, but when I brought it to my DM he says he cant find it having that property in AV, can anyone help me out here? 
I think it was MME? that added the small keyword all over picks (including some for which it made no difference). MME or The dungeon survival handbook (where the small races associated with picks came from)

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It's Mordenkainen's Magnificent Imporium, just checked :D love for the small races abounds in that book.
My favorite is the lance.  Hop on your Fey Beast Companion and go to town.
Goblin Totem Heavy War Pick + Pick Expertise.  Enjoy your nice boosts to static damage in most cases, and go to town.

Small characters are one of those edge cases where Picks are actually useful.
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Just texted DM and he looked it up MME he gave me the green light thanks so much yall :P
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