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Hey, I want to make sure I'm reading the drow utility power "Vanish from View" correctly:

1)  If the stealth check (skill+roll) beats the attack roll (unmodified) then the attack misses.  If you have a stealth skill at 20 or above then, this power automatically makes an attack miss once per encounter?  Basically, I want to make sure that "attack roll" is defined as what the d20 says on the attack (the literal roll) and not the attack plus the modifier.

2)  Even though you make a stealth check, you don't actually gain hidden, correct? 

1. No, the attack roll is the d20 roll plus all applicable modifiers.

2. Pretty sure you're right, but not absolutely certain.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Correct. The Stealth Check is made to gain Combat Advantage, not to Become Hidden.
Can Vanish from View be used to negate natural 20's to hit?
Vanish from View is a more specific rule than natural 20s always hit, so it should work; but you would need to roll close to a 20 yourself in most cases...
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