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all together at once, like a..whats the word? like a magazine!

like a really really short magazine. looks good though! i would much rather just print off pdfs from this if i want a specific article rather than try and put the articles together later

all in all, more pleased than i would have been if they werent compiled so it is an improvement imo
i am actually surprised it was released so early in the month, thought...only 34 pages...and some of those articles don't belong on dragon, but on dungeon...

The themes are cool, thought the vampire items is not what the kind of support the vampire class need...and some of those items are better on a diferent class than vampire (the surge stealing kifocus for defenders, or even an artificer) 
i put up a post on my blog in honor, including my take on strahd!!

Yay for Stan's Editorial!

The History Check for Strahd amd Van Richten are great piece of Lore i must say and the artwork is really creepy...

Cazzeo's Themes are nice too ! I feel Dread Carapace is too good though with the encounter long buff and the fear effect.

The Life of Soth was another great read with an AD&D original art of Soth riding his nightmare!

The Bazaar if the Bizzare is a little too exclusive for my taste being centered strickly on Vampires but good for them i guess, since the newest classes generally lack support...

I didn't get to the 3 Eyes of yet... 

Nice to get all of it 11 days into the month. A big Thumbs up to those who worked hard to get it to us 

PS Glad to finally see Mags compiled again! Thank you, Wizards!
Yay for Stan's Editorial!

The History Check for Strahd amd Van Richten are great piece of Lore i must say and the artwork is really creepy...

i agree wholeheartedly, i think the artwork is some of the best 4e has produced
arg two themes, and a few items, are all the crunch we get, and they wonder why people are not subsribed anymore
Insulting someones grammar on a forum is like losing to someone in a drag race and saying they were cheating by having racing stripes. Not only do the two things not relate to each other (the logic behind the person's position, and their grammar) but you sound like an idiot for saying it (and you should, because its really stupid )
I agree Dragon is getting pretty Crunch-Lite and most of it seems to come from Themes or Paragon Paths of late.

Personally i'd rather see new Feats and Powers for undersupported Races and Classes than new Themes or Paragon Paths.
At least the themes are good.  A bit niche, but that is ok since they offer something new.
The compilation looks good.  Still feels a little light to the agreed 120 pages...  Would this be what it will look like until DnD Next comes out:  Crunch lite for 4e stuff and fluff rich so that it could be recycled/used for the DnD Next system?

 Yeah, I think I'd better stop renewing DDI subscription until the new edition comes out.  I don't think the current set up of DDI is gonna be of much help to current 4e players.  Sigh.
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