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I modified my old human deck this is what i have at the moment.  Main idea is to pump up my [C]Champion of the Parish[/C] with all the human cards i run several key cards like [C]Spectral Flight[/C] which i attach to my creatures like [C]Geist of Saint Traft[/C], [C]Champion of the Parish[/C], and [C]Precinct Captain[/C]. [C]War Falcon[/C] is a great card because its a one drop aggressive card a 2/1 flyer. [C]Doomed Traveler[/C] may not seem like a decent choice but its a one drop blocker and when he dies i get a token.


Creature (25)

  • 4x [C]Champion of the Parish[/C]

  • 3x [C]Doomed Traveler[/C]

  • 3x [C]Geist of Saint Traft[/C]

  • 2x [C]Lyev Skyknight[/C]

  • 3x [C]Precinct Captain[/C]

  • 4x [C]Silverblade Paladin[/C]

  • 2x [C]Sublime Archangel[/C]

  • 4x [C]War Falcon[/C]

Instant (3)

  • 3x [C]Azorius Charm[/C]

Land (23)

  • 3x [C]Cavern of Souls[/C]

  • 4x [C]Glacial Fortress[/C]

  • 4x [C]Hallowed Fountain[/C]

  • 2x [C]Island[/C]

  • 2x [C]Moorland Haunt[/C]

  • 8x [C]Plains[/C]

Enchantment (5)

  • 2x [C]Oblivion Ring[/C]

  • 3x [C]Spectral Flight[/C]

Sorcery (4)

  • 4x [C]Gather the Townsfolk[/C]

Sideboard (15)

  • 2x [C]Oblivion Ring[/C]

  • 4x [C]Elite Inquisitor[/C]

  • 3x [C]Thalia, Guardian of Thraben[/C]

  • 2x [C]Grafdigger's Cage[/C]

  • 2x [C]Riders of Gavony[/C]

  • 2x [C]Detention Sphere[/C]

knight of glory is probably a lot better than elite inquisitor as zombie hate.  far more applications for offense/defense.  either way, they both die to pillar of flame.....

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i added [C]Faith's Reward[/C] for the bonfier problem and than added [C]knight of glory[/C] to the side aswell planing on taking this to FNM
Istead of Faith's Reward, try using [c]Rootborn Defenses[/]. It has a lot more use as a combat trick, and a bonfire/supreme verdict trump.
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