Horned Devil

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Am I reading this card correctly? Can he basically attack repeatedly as long as he deals damage?
Hmm, no. He has an attack that, as a Standard action (i.e., by tapping the Devil), taps the opposing creature if the attack deals damage. It doesn't untap the Devil, so he can't reuse it.

It's not a great ability but it does combo with Goblin Cutter.

The templating is clunky though. I like Wolf's better, though I guess they decided to word it that way to make the Devil's version of the ability less powerful (because you don't get to tap opponent's creatures if you attack them with Killing Strike, or Death Sentence, any attack that is not his 'printed on card' special attack).
I must have had a brain fart last night. I swear I read that if it dealt damage "untap it". Just looked it up and saw that's not the case.
You're thinking of the bugbear berserker - who untaps if an adjacent enemy is killed - perhaps?

Curious how a Horned Devil would be using Killing Strike? I have to keep reminding myself they are not a STR creature, despite their size.

Although would not be surprised if they brought out cards similar to arcane scroll, but for other stats.

Would love a weapon card that gave the bugbear reach though, ever since I started playing them wise opponents just spread out.
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