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The Dungeon Master Experience 
By Chris Perkins

Nick DiPetrillo plays a warforged artificer who doesn't have any friends. The other characters tolerate him because he infuses their weapons with lots of fat, juicy bonuses. The warforged is also a bit of a sociopath, so he doesn't really care what others think of him anyway. The idea of "friendship" does not compute.

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I think that one can be left out of the DMGIII

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

D&D Insider ArticleDragon 416 

By Stan!, Keith Baker, Ed Greenwood, Doug Hyatt, Sterling Hershey, Walter Kammerer, Claudio Pozas, Rodney Thompson

This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 416.

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