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Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to this forum (actually, I believe that this is my first post ever), and I'm very happy to see the dedication to D&D from everyone here. Still, I'm unfortunately not posting to discuss epic monsters or anything of the sort, but to seek your help with a strange technical mishap with my DDI subscription. Here's how it went:

In October 2011 I renewed my D&DI subscription for one year, and set the subscription to auto-renew.

A week ago, I was notified that the auto-renew would take place, and I routinely went to check my account information, to ensure that the renewal would go smoothly. The renewal was scheduled for the 13th of October in the "My Subscription History"-tab. However, I've changed some payment-specific details during the subscription period, and I wanted to update my profile with the new information.

I edited my information via the "Edit"-function in the "My Payment Information"-tab of the D&DI account, and wanted to see if everything had been registered correctly. Hence, I logged out and signed in again just after I logged out. Now, oddly enough, the pending subscription renewal is not even visible in the "My Subscription History"-tab as it was before. My address has also been changed to a blank standard form (it was fully updated after I had edited my information). Further, when I consult my subscription history, it does not even register that I have a subscription waiting to be renewed. And the order, which should represent the renewal, is not to be found in the system when I search for it.

The question is what will happen now? I can see two logical outcomes:

1) Either the system has all the information it needs to process my payment - despite me not being able to see it in my subscription history - and the auto-renew will take place.

2) Or the system can't match the information, meaning that my subscription will be canceled and that I have to start a new one.

I browsed through the forums yesterday, and it seems I'm not the only one who has had problems with bugged orders, missing information when trying to edit existing information etc. It occurred to me that many have experienced the exact same problem - or something closely related. Can anyone tell me what might happen now? Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. :-)


Hello Taron and welcome to the D&D Community !

Try looking in My Order History to see if your last order is still visible in the system and if it is, you should see option to Renew Now. Also if you look into Details it should list all the info and allow you to edit. See if everything is recorded properly.




Product Name

Auto Renewal Date

Payment Method

Shipping Address


Expiration Date

1 Year Dungeons and Dragons 
Insider Subscription (Details
Renew Now Deactivate Auto Renew 
Change Renewal Date




*** Picard avenue 


71.40 USD



I have a similar probem here when trying to check the auto-renewal status:

The Order History shows 1 Year Dungeons and Dragons Insider Subscription with the Subscription Details line being empty.

The Subscription History page is completeley empty...



---Baron von Bomberg


Former DDI subscriber

Well, I've tried looking in "My Order History" in the order for my subscription last year. True, I see the options to "Renew Now" and "Deactivate Auto-Renew". However, when I try to click on them, I get a server error every time. "My Subscription History" is still as empty as before. Should I report those server errors somewhere?

And I'm glad to hear that you've encountered something very similar, Bomberg. It does indeed sound just like my problem. Was your subscrption due to auto-renew around this time, as well?

I suppose the best thing to do is just to wait and see what happens when the day for renewal comes up?

You may want to contact Customer Service and let them know of your account error as your DDi subscription may not auto-renew as anticipated.

Plaguescarred, thanks for the advice. 

I tried contacting Customer Service before I posted this, and they told me  - in somewhat of a standard reply - to wait it out and allow my subscription to lapse before creating a new subscription. I've done so now. According to the information - which is now gone from my DDI account, as stated above - the subscription was to lapse and renew on the 13th. It's the 15th today, and nothing has happened.

There's nothing to indicate a renewal, and nothing new in my subscription or order history - still as empty as before. I haven't received any e-mails regarding either a confirmation or a denial. But the strangest thing is that I still have full access to all of the DDI-features, in spite of not having paid for the new subscription!

Something has gone really wrong here - has anyone else (except for you, Bomberg) ever experienced something like this before? And what should I do from here, to make sure I'm not held accountable for a mistake? Should I just make a new subscription, or should I wait a few days to see if it corrects itself?

You're welcome.

I would contact Customer Service again and tell them of the latest developpement.
I've done just that, with a long and detailed explanation of my new situation and the error-logs. Now I'll just have to wait and see what they say. :-)
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