Warstorm Surge and Insurrection

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Would Warstorm Surge trigger for every creature opponents control if I play Insurrection?
No. Gaining control of a creature is not the same as having it entering the battlefield under your control.

The creatures your opponent controls are already on the battlefield
There's only one battlefield. It's shared by all players. Changing who controls a permanent does not cause it to leave or enter any battlefield.

Not sure if you're playing any color other than red, but there are ways in all 5 colors (and artifacts, I believe) to get mass creatures out on the battlefield, thereby using Warstorm Surge as a win condition...


Hellion Eruption


Faith's Reward (use with Hellion Eruption for major lulz)


Living Death


Genesis Wave


Mass Polymorph

Those are just off the top of my head...many others, though.
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