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I've been running Encounters since the March of the Phantom Brigade ( shortly after the local game store in my town in Elgin, IL opened up), but it looks like I and my 6-8 regular players will be missing out on next season.

Being geared mostly towards card players, the store has been relying on players to organize and report and eventually got one to act as regular coordinator of all the rpg events.  Well, this season they had a falling out with that individual, who severed his ties with the store and went into the reporter and deleted all of this season's events, as well as the ones for next season.

One of my other players who had done the reporting for us in the past has been trying to get reauthorized to do so again for the store, but he's been having to have one of the owners log in every Weds so he can report each week for us in the meantime.

Since next season's events were deleted, I asked them (well before the deadline) to enter new ones for us.  They didn't.  When I found this out two weeks ago, I asked them to contact their Wizard's rep to see if we could get some event's entered manaully and get a kit sent out so we could still run for our regulars at least.  I found out tonight that they haven't had time to do that yet, and by now I think it's probably too late regardless.

A few players have asked me to rerun an earlier season if we don't get the new one, but a couple of the players have been there since the start, so I don't have a season that none of them have played before.  Another suggested running one of the published adventures, but I'm not sure that'll fit into the time and format we have.  I don't have the time right now to spend much time modifying adventures (I have relied on you fine folks for a lot of clarifications and extras the last few seasons - I haven't said thanks enough lately).

I figure the store will eventually recover and figure out how to get the reporting back on track, but don't want to lose the regulars who are coming each Weds.  I suppose I could rerun encounters from my own 4E campaign, or something from Dungeon, or even take a break and run a different game for a few months.

I guess I'm looking for suggestions, either for how to contact someone in OP to try and get my store sorted myself, or suggestions on a two month adventure I can fit into the Encounter's format.

Mostly I'm just grumpy and had to share.  :-)



I've had similar situations happen with me. The only way I was able to recover was to find another store running that was an hour's drive away. They just happened to have a spare pack, so I drove out to them and they gave me the spare. I would try the same thing at other stores around your location.

If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll see what I can do about getting you some other materials. Try to let me know by wed next week.
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Something similar happened earlier in the year and the store called a halt to the Weds night Encounters.  I was able to switch for a season to the local comic store that had lost its Encounters GM, bringing 4 of our regulars with me (added to the comic store's regulars).  But that only lasted a season and the comic store discontinued the program entirely.  By then the original gaming store was asking for us back, so we went back.  

I checked and the comic store hasn't had any ordered since that time, so I'll have to range further afield this time.

Thanks for the suggestion.


If all else fails you could always run some DnDnext playtest sessions

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If you are looking for fresh material you could possibly adapt some LFR adventures Dale 1-7 and Drag 1-7 would make a great follow on from last season (Web of Intrigue?) with either one of dale 1-1 as alternative intro or one of drag 2-2 and Spec 3-3 to finish (Drag 1-1 would also be good start point should you not wish to carry over from season 9)

Alternatively The Mini 2 group or  any year 3/4 heroic group of adventures could prove a useful start point (my personal preference would probably be the battle cloak saga deserts of Calimshan (Cali3-1 to 3-3)  

Or if you want something more drow like take a look at spec 1-1 and see how well it will work with drow instead of the original bad guys but that will be a lot more trouble to adapt I should think (will also need some padding as well).
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It appears that the store I frequent neglected to report attendance for the previous season, so we didn't get the pack for Council of Spiders.  Needless to say, I was pretty mad, since it was going to be pretty different from the other seasons they'd done.  And, get this, no one would give up their spare module for us.  So, no game this season.

What we ended up doing was to play board games and card games on Wednesday nights.  I took up Castle Ravenloft one week, and we played that.  I tool Elder Sign this past Wednesday.  Next week, I'll be taking either Wrath of Ashardalon or Lords of Waterdeep.  Then, we'll pick up the next season when it starts.

Edit: Another possibility, if you want to keep playing Encounters, is to run an older module.  You might be able to compress some of the smaller encounters to make an eight-week season, or there might be some encounters that could be completely removed.
Jack, I think I found a copy. I will talk to you tomorrow at the Goat
I might be able to rustle up a spare copy; the hurricane may have reduced the player base's ability to come by every Wednesday for the next two months.

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TiaNadiezja wrote:
I'm in the same boat in northern wisconsin. The store manager claims he requested it two months ago when I asked him to do it but low and behold nothing comes in. I have you by 4 weeks on running. I started at chapter 4 of Keep of the Borderlands.
I've been running DDE since the first season at our local game sshop.  I ran into the "too late to sanction" issue, too.  It was just a chaotic time and I just didn't sanction them in time.  We wound up just running some LFR adventures for our players to play their characters from any previous DDE at a level 4 or above!  Then, for the haitus between season 11 and season 12 we ran LFR adventures for their level 8 characters, too.  That seemed to keep them coming to the store.

But, I, too, would still like to get my hands on a copy of the adventure ... even if it is only a pdf.
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