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do abilities stack?
for example can you play an order that prevents damage and then use the Dwarf block 10?

They go on the stack and resolve. You can use multiple abilities as long as your creature meets the requirements, lvl and stats of the card, is able to tap if needed etc....

In your example you can use an oder card to prevent and still use the Dwarf to block 10. The block requires adjacency to the dwarf but has no other cost. However as ruled somewhere in the jumble of threads here the Dwarf Defenders do not stack. If you have multiple of them adjacent you can Block 10 once only. This is a bit contradictory to order cards which attach, in that case you can have multiple of the same card attached to the same creature.
The effects will stack. However, some abilities don't. For example, if you have two Dwarven Defenders next to an adventurer, it still benefits from only one Block 10.

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