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Does abrupt decay kill hexproof creatures? I know it says can't be countered by spells or abilities by hexproof isn't countering it's saying it can't be targeted so how could it actually be countered?
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You can't cast abrupt decay on an opponents permanent if that permanent has hexproof.  In order to legally cast abrupt decay it needs a legal target, and an opponents permanent with hexproof is not a legal target.

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Spells and abilities can't counter Abrupt Decay, but the game can. The game counters spells/abilities when their targets are illegal. You still aren't allowed to target your opponents' hexproof creatures.

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Let's consider a different scenario.

  1. Alice has [C]Grizzly Bears[/C]

  2. Bob casts [C]Abrupt Decay[/C] targetting Alice's bear.

  3. In response, Alice casts [C]Ranger's Guile[/C] targetting her bear.

  4. [C]Ranger's Guile[/C] resolves, giving the bear hexproof.

  5. [C]Abrupt Decay[/C] attempts to resolve, but is countered for having only illegal targets.

Yup, it gets countered. Abrupt Decay can't be countered by spells or abilities, but it's a rule doing the countering in this case.


  • If your opponent's creature has hexproof or shroud when you attempt to cast Abrupt Decay, you can't target it, so you can't even cast the spell.

  • If your opponent's creature has hexproof or shroud when Abrupt Decay resolves, Abrupt Decay is countered.

You get to keep your creature either way. He only spends mana and loses his spell in the second scenario, though.

Well I lost a game because i got my geist destroyed 2 times lol. Didn't feel like causing an argument. but now i know. thanks for the help
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