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Hello all! I am still fairly new at things but have managed to accumulate enough assets to build my own Dragon Deck. I was hoping you all could help me out with suggestions to make it better and possibly Standard legal, which I know might be very difficult. I am open to any and all suggestions. Sorry I did not link the cards, did it earlier but lost internet connection so had to redo all this and didnt want to redo the links. Thanks!


x2 Goblin Fireslinger
x2 Goblin Arsonist
x2 Slumbering Dragon
x3 Stormblood Berserker
x4 Dragon Hatchling
x2 Dragonspeaker Shaman
x2 Furnace Whelp
x1 Dragon Whelp
x1 Ryusei, the Falling Star
x1 Two-Headed Dragon
x1 Hellkite Charger
x2 Flameblast Dragon
x1 Kilnmouth Dragon
x1 Balefire Dragon
x2 Furyborn Hellkite

Other Spells

x3 Shock
x4 Lightning Bolt
x2 Krenko's Command
x2 Seething Song


x22 Mountain

The quickest strategy gets a 12/12 Furyborn Hellkite out by turn 4.  Theres more in there that work but they are just situational plays for the most part.
Successful Standard Dragons is a tall order. You can do it, but it's gonna be SLOW. 22 lands will not be enough.

First impressions. Slumbering Dragon, Stormblood Beserker, and Two-headed Dragon seem like filler, I think the space can be better utilized. But as I'm looking for alternatives, I'm finding myself moving you further away from Standard, not closer. Maybe some more mana ramp in the form of Rite of Flame, 2 more Dragonspeaker Shamans, or maybe 2 more Krenko's Command for early chump blockers (Why not Dragon Fodder for the flavor points?).

It'll be interesting to see where this one goes. I've never had a lot of success with one-on-one dragon decks, the best dragon deck I've come up with is R/B/G for multi-player. 

Well, if you want to move into Standard, let's look at what we've got left that's legal. Oh, and by the way, you can use

Well, that's not much of a deck at all. Let's take a quick look at the dragons available in Standard (which right now is Innistrad, Dark Ascention, Avacyn Restored, Magic Core Set 2013, and Return to Ravnica).

Balefire Dragon - One of the dragons you already have in here, and one of the most bombastic out there. If it connects, it's going to wipe your opponent's board, but the difference between six and seven mana is really significant. Without haste, it's often not going to be enough to seal the game in time.
Moonveil Dragon - Not quite as bombastic as Balefire, but one mana cheaper, and firebreathes for an army. Of course, if you're playing a dedicated dragon deck, you're probably not building an army.
Archwing Dragon - Hey, now we're talking! 4 mana for a 4/4 flying hasty beater is a bargain. Of course, it does bounce to your hand every end step, so it won't ever block for you, and you have to re-cast it every turn you want to swing with it, but it does also evade some removal.
Dragon Hatchling, Furnace Whelp - the baby dragons of the game, and cards you actually have. I'm not a fan unless you're going to go get a card from a few blocks back and run a baby dragon deck using Crucible of Fire. Firebreathing is nice, but there are far more exciting dragons available.
Slumbering Dragon - Like this one! You've already got two, and I'd recommend going and getting two more. It's a one-drop that dissuades attackers, and if it ever wakes up, it's an 8/8 flyer. Not bad for something you just dropped and forgot about turn 1. (Oh, and remember that +1/+1 counters from other sources like Increasing Savagery or Scavenge count towards waking it up.)
Thundermaw Hellkite - Probably the best dragon in standard, Thundermaw is a 5/5 for 5, flies, is hasty, and brings with him a thunderstorm that clears the way for attack (and wipes 1/1 Spirit and 1/1 Bird tokens off the board). The only downside is...he's the best dragon in Standard, and is actually viable in tournament decks, so he's kind of a kick in the pocketbook.
Utvara Hellkite - Even more expensive than Balefire Dragon, but with another really bombastic effect. All of your dragons, even the lowly baby dragons, now make more dragons when they attack! Of course, if seven mana is hard to ask for in Standard, eight is downright impossible. You can make a deck around this guy, but it'll be hard.

These last two are Standard dragons, but they require blue mana.
Hypersonic Dragon - For the most part inferior to Thundermaw Hellkite, it is a cheaper option for hasty beats (being an Intro Pack and Prerelease rare and all), and has a very interesting ability. I actually have an Izzet deck featuring him.
Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius - The guild leader and parun of the Izzet league, Niv-Mizzet is demanding to cast, but very potent as a source of damage and card draw. An excellent boss creature for a controlling Izzet deck.

I'd like to know what dragons you'd like to build around before trying to suggest a deck. If you don't use the blue/red dragons, I'd suggest using some green cards to accelerate your mana production, like Farseek and Ranger's Path, both of which will be much more powerful once Gatecrash brings Stomping Grounds back into Standard.

If you want to give up on Standard entirely, Dragonstorm is a very different deck than the one you have now, but makes good use of your rituals and is a very fun way to win with dragons.
This is exactly why I posted on here. I just bought the Izzet intro pack and gathered myself a Hypersonic Dragon and figured that if I were to make this now a legal deck it would require adding another color and based on Izzet (which I assume where the Dragons of the new set are coming from) are going to require blue mana. This is definately starting to help get the ball rolling on this and I thank you all. Keep the ideas rolling please. Also are there any creatures like Myr's that are still available in Standard that could help produce mana? I recently came across the idea of an infinite mana generation involving at least 2 Myr's that will produce roughly 3 mana along side having 2 Myr Galvanizer. To compliment the Blue/Red theory I would assume the mana producing Myr's would be Iron Myr and Silver Myr to ensure I have both of the need mana colors.

Just trying to throw out somethings I have found in my own bit of research. Appreciate all the help!!!
Unfortunately, no, there aren't any Myr in Standard right now, though there are Myr-like effects in Arbor Elf, Avacyn's Pilgrim, and most relevantly to you, the Keyrunes. The Keyrunes can be a creature if you need them to be, but more importantly, tap for either color of your guild's mana.

If you're wanting to go Izzet, then I think a slightly different approach is called for. Let's build a deck!

Let's start with the mana base. Ideally, you'd run 4 each of Sulfur Falls and Steam Vents and then an assortment of Islands and Mountains based on how your colors split, but those are really expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives. You should already have an Izzet Guildgate, possibly more if from your two packs, and as a common card, it won't be hard to trade for or buy, so gather up a playset of those. Your other choices for common mana-fixing are Evolving Wilds from Dark Ascention and Magic 2013, and Transguild Promenade. The Wilds can be played first turn and thin out your deck by a card, but only produce one color of mana after being cracked, while the Promenade produces any color you want but is essentially a land with a mana cost. I'd pick one of those and run four alongside your four Guildgates. Of course, if you have any copies of Sulfur Falls or Steam Vents, or budget is no object, feel free to replace your non-basic lands with those. We'll also run three Keyrunes to ramp a little bit and make sure you get both colors available. How the Islands and Mountains are split is going to depend on the mana costs of our spells, so let's come back to that in a little bit.

On to the creatures, Goblin Electromancer is the lynchpin of Izzet strategies, because instants and sorceries matter to you now. No, they won't help you cast your dragons faster, but they'll help you cast the spells that are going to keep you alive long enough to cast them, and the spells that'll let you dig to find them. I'd run four.

Talrand, Sky Summoner has a great amount of synergy with the Izzet guild, giving you a free Drake token every time you cast an instant or sorcery. And also making your opponent use their removal on him rather than your dragons. Since he's Legendary, you don't want to run a full playset, but three should be enough to make sure you see him most games without clogging your hand with multiples. He was also an Intro Pack rare.

Hypersonic Dragon is the nod to the original dragon strategy, doing what he does. Since he's so important, and drawing multiples isn't a bad thing, we can run the full four of him.

Finally, Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius gives us a finisher. Since he's the top of your curve, and a Legendary Creature at that, we'll only use two.

Now for the fun part! With 24 lands, 3 artifacts, and 13 creatures, we've got room for 20 other spells. Let's start with a playset of Izzet Charm. This is going to be the most versatile spell in your arsenal, drawing you cards, burning creatures, or countering spells as you need it to be. Flames of the Firebrand and Talrand's Invocation are powerful sorceries that are in your colors, and benefit from both your Electromancers and your Hypersonic Dragons. Three of each should do. Think Twice is a cool little draw spell that can be used on either turn and is awesome with Electromancer (Electromancer's cost reduction even works on alternate casting costs like Flashback and Overload). We'll take four. Finally, Cyclonic Rift and Mizzium Mortars offer both early-game defense and late-game one-sided board wipes thanks to Overload. We've got 6 slots left, so three of each.

Now, back on the Island/Mountain split. Of the colored mana symbols in your mana costs (including alternate costs), you have 31 red and 42 blue. Some basic ratios translate that to needing about 7 Mountains and 9 Islands.

Here's what the finished product looks like.

13 Creatures

3 Artifacts
3 x Izzet Keyrune

20 Spells
[deck]3 Cyclonic Rift
4 Izzet Charm
3 Mizzium Mortars
4 Think Twice
3 Flames of the Firebrand
3 Talrand's Invocation[/deck]

24 Lands
4 x Evolving Wilds or Transguild Promenade
[deck]9 Island
4 Izzet Guildgate
7 Mountain[/deck]

Now, don't feel beholden to this decklist. This is just an example I hashed out, and if you can't get some of those cards, or if this is too different from the deck you wanted to run, feel free to change it to suit you. And as you play it, absolutely fine-tune it.
Thank you Sevus for the deck build. Helped a good bit with ideas for cards. Here is a deck that to me keeps the integrity of the Dragons. It is a rough draft at the moment so please tell me what you think. Also do the duel decks count as being part of the set? If so that might help open more possibilities.

No, all the contents of a duel deck are not part of any one set. That is to say that each card is part of SOME set, but that doesn't mean that all cards in a duel deck are part of the currently legal sets for Standard. yuoo just need to look the cards in question up on gather, and see what set they originally came form.

I'd first look at your mana curve. There a lot of expensive stuff here, but that always been a problem for dragons obvioulsy. Big nasty buggers tend to be expensive. It's also a reason that hard-core dragon decks have never been very successful in Standard.

So, ideas. First things first. 21 lands will NOT be enough, even with the Keyrunes.   

Next, the idea here is going to be to keep yourself alive long enough to get these bigger dragons in place. This can be accomplished in one of 2 ways. Board control, or defensive creatures. As awesome as the Slumbering Dragons seem to be (I'm not a fan, btw), he can't DO anything for several turns. Not defensive at all, and by the time he gets his counters, you should have other dragons in place as your offense. I'd cut it, given the justification that you need to focus on control and defense. That'd give you some room for something like Counterflux, good-ole Cancel, or some other such counterspelly card. Something that can counter spells other than creatures.

Wow, having a hard time wrapping my head around a R/U STANDARD Dragon deck. Who woulda thunk?
Wow, having a hard time wrapping my head around a R/U STANDARD Dragon deck. Who woulda thunk?

Yea I know, I'm a bit difficult. lol

I do understand Slumbering Dragon is difficult to work with in some aspects since it takes a while to get counters on it, but what about some cards that allow me to put counters on my own creatures? And to me it seems like a bit of a good way to keep my oppenent(s) from attacking me since I get a counter for each attacking creature. Also didn't catch my land count running that low.

What about the possibility of adding a bit of Drake's into the mix? Probably something like Wind Drake and Scrapskin Drake along with the addition with Talrand, Sky Summoner pumping out Drake tokens with every other spell I play. Granted they are still 3 cmc but with taking out say Moonveil Dragon and perhaps Balefire Dragon that could certainly help, maybe. In addition if I can copy sorcer/instant spell's then I believe that should grant me another token to place. I tend to lean toward creature heavy decks but I am really starting to grasp the fact that this kind of deck will need more instant/sorcery spells to stay alive and actually put the creatures out on the board.

I really want to try and keep Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius and Utvara Hellkite in there so I can have a big boss and built a bit of an army. I know they are super expensive but with having Dragon Hatchling out early and keeping them alive when Utvara hits the board, then hopefully it should just be a matter of time before the game is over from me just overpowering with Dragon tokens.

I know this is a hard deck to build but I really think we are getting somewhere.

EDIT: I just did a swap adding just the two Drake cards in place for Moonveil and Balefire on and the average casting cost went from a 3.28 to a 2.92 and deck speed went from a 2.09 to a 2.64. Looks like a bit of progress to me.
Shame you had to cut those 2 dragons. They were my favorites. I was looking forward to seeing how well the Moonveil's abilty worked with a few extra drakes wandering around, and Balefire is just a brute if he lands.
Shame you had to cut those 2 dragons. They were my favorites. I was looking forward to seeing how well the Moonveil's abilty worked with a few extra drakes wandering around, and Balefire is just a brute if he lands.

Well it's certainly not to say they are definately eliminated. A sideboard is definately something that could help with this deck so once everything is worked out and they are just unlucky to make the final cut, they are definately will be in the sideboard.
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