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My buddy and I never understood how the stack works with instants like lightning bolt and primal bellow.

Let's say I have a 2/2 out.  I believe if he casts lightning bolt on him, I can "counter" it by playing primal bellow, allowing the 2/2 to become hexproof and thereby making the lightning bolt have an illegal target and have to go to his graveyard.

But let's say I have a 2/2 and I attack with him.  He declares a blocker that is 4/4.  I respond before combat damage is dealt by playing primal bellow and kicking it so that my 2/2 becomes a 6/6.  Can he now respond by casting lightning bolt on my 2/2, killing it before primal bellow has a chance to make it a 6/6 hexproof?

Does the second instant cast have priority over the first one?  Lightning bolt just countered primal bellow, but in the first instance primal bellow countered lightning bolt?

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the stack operates as "last in, first out"
think of it as a stack of plates, every spell you add gets added on top, when something resolves you remove the top plate, until the stack is empty

so your scenarios are basically correct (except that you probably didn't mean Primal Bellow but Vines of Vastwood)
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Do you mean Vines of Vastwood and not Primal Bellows?
As always, enigma saves the day.  You broke your previous record of answering my question in 45 seconds.  Are you human, or some sort of magic question fairy/sprite who lives behind my computer?

edit-Oh and yes, vines of vastwood!  Thanks.

Faster is better. Usually..

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You are a slow learner...

or already insane

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So, you keep on voting, and you keep expecting different results from those elections?

How long have you tried this, over and over?

Ain't it time you reached a different conclusion about this whole mascarade?

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