Recruitment: The Greater Toils, dnd 3.5e [with light homebrewing].

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Official recruitment thread: The Greater Toils.

A DnD 3.5e campaign.
Brought to you by kennysmith1234.

Hail and well met, fellow adventurers!

I am kennysmith1234, and I come bearing cordial invitations for one and all to join in on a great quest!

All 3.5e classes, races, and prestige classes are viable (Exception: Swordsages).

All 3.5e feats, skills, and items are also viable.

Post here if you are interested, and PM me if you would like to use some Homebrewed options.
I will read over the object in question, and let you know if it is viable.

If you would like, you can make your own race and class, just as long as you give me the details in a PM.
Only one stipulation: If I say that something needs to be altered, or if the option is unusable, that means that it needs to be altered or abandoned in favor of something better.

Overview Lite of the campaign:


A campfire twinkles through the night, as if it were a beacon of hope. You look up, and see that the stars are out, so you decide to see if the fire owner is generous. You approach the campfire, and see a proud platinum half-dragon, reading aloud from an ancient vellum scroll. You politely clear your throat to announce that you are there. The half-dragon's crest snaps up with his head to see who or what is there. You ask if you can join them at their fire, since this night is rather brisk. The half-dragon smiles, showing off pearly needle-like teeth, and tells you to make yourself comfortable.

The night is quiet, so you try awkwardly to start a conversation about the first thing that comes to mind. The half-dragon Obliges you and you both start talking about your individual lifes. The night wears on, and the subject eventually changes to various places that you have both seen. The half-dragon tells you of an ancient tunnel in the side of the mountains about 40 miles west from Retton, the town only 5 miles north from the campfire.

His tells you that the local lord is trying to find folk to get him a special treasure from this tunnel. Something called the Crystal Eye. This crystal is said to allow you to see into the deepest recesses of a sentient being's mind.

(Crystal's appearance)

Sound fun?
If so, then please post, and pm me your character.
The only special conditions are these:

Your character starts at level 4.

Your character has 2000 starting gold, x1d8. Meaning 2000x1 through 8.

You can have legendary weapons, just as long as A: your character fits the requirements, and B: can afford it.

Your character also has one stat of your choosing as 18 (irregardless of what you roll). eg; Str 15 con 14 dex 18 int 14 wis 10 cha 17.

Your character's stats cannot be below 10.

The recruitment starts now!





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