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I'm making up a character that is Half-Orc & Half-Drow. What do you think his/her stat modifiers should be? I know Half-Elves don't have stat modifiers but he/she is also Half-Orc.

The problem deciding what the adjustments would be is that they are only "half" races. I know normally a Half-Elf doesn't get any stat adj. but being Half-Drow would give it what?

Normally a Drow gets:

+2 Dex
-2 Con
+2 Int
+2 Cha

A normal Half-Orc gets:

+2 Str
-2 Int
-2 Cha

I guess the Int & Cha modifiers could cancle each other out but there is still the rest to decide?

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I'd compare orc and drow, or compare half-orc and half-drow from that obscure FR book.

End of the day probably something like +2 Str, +2 Cha, Keep the SR, add in light blindness and darkvision. Make it LA +1, and add some poison use skill bonuses or abilities. 

If you want to Drop to LA+0 I'd give it no mods to stats. 

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I can't beleive I didn't think to look at the ORC in the MM! DUH!
Well the Orc gets:

+4 str
-2 int
-2 wis

I guess it should be done with the Half-Drow in the FR book. Didn't think about that either! Thanks Cool

Why would you add some poison use & skill bonuses or abilities? I don't see any mention of it in any of the 4 descriptions.

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Personally, I don't think such a combination should be possible.  In all honesty most "half-anythings" are quite a stretch.

Now adding the Drow and Orc together you net +4 STR, +2 DEX, -2 CON, -2 WIS which I'll guess could work but it would be at least a +1 LA.  Without LA I think the best you should hope for would be +2 STR and -2 WIS.  In either case you'd need to keep some form of Light Sensitivity and Darkvision.  I'd probably add some kind of modifier when using Intimidation and maybe an added bonus against poison but stay away from SR unless you want to push the LA up.
The problem is, what would you call them? A dorc? ;)
The problem is, what would you call them? A dorc? ;)

Lol, that is great.Smile
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The problem is, what would you call them? A dorc? ;)

Lol! That is epic!

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I gotta agree with StevenO for statting a non-LA Half Drow/Half Orc. This is my take.

+2 Str, -2 Wis
Light Sensitivity
60' Dark Vision
Intimidating Power: Can use Str in place of Cha when making Intimidate checks in combat (Demoralize Opponent).
Orc Blood, and Elf Blood (Both are good and bad)
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Favored Class: Duskblade*

*Because I'm WEIRD, and it's about as close to Wizard/Barbarian as you're gonna get (Realistically keep Barbarian, stat wise it makes the most sense).
Duskblade? Isn't that a prestige class? Where can I find it?

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Duskblade is a base class in PHB2. It's basically a (debatably) more powerful arcane version of a Psychic Warrior.
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If by psychic warrior you mean not a psychic warrior, perhaps. It's closest mechanically to a base class spellsword or a more martial warmage.

I think there's room on the race here for a cultural modifier as well, perhaps a skill bonus. My thought is either Survival or Sense Motive, depending on whether they live as wild outcasts in your books or live as slaves to either race. Both are skills they could reasonably use simply to get by, and are hit by your Wisdom penalty. +2 to one or even possibly both wouldn't tip it over the +0 mark.

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Why would you add some poison use & skill bonuses or abilities? I don't see any mention of it in any of the 4 descriptions.

Because drow like to poison stuff, and I can see orcs getting into that. Maybe include some fluff about how they are outcasts from both drow and orc society, and to get back to it have become master poisoners. 

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