Any modern cards that add more than one colorless mana?

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Are there any cards in modern that give you more than one colorless mana for tapping em? I'm looking for something to accellerate my deck a little. I looked at the Mox artifacts but they're apparently only in alpha, beta, and unlimited? Though I saw more recent prints in someone's deck yesterday, and he was using them....and the tournament was SUPPOSED to be modern.
Depends on what you mean by "more than one colorless mana".  If you simply just want acceleration, there's all kinds of cards you can use.  The Tron lands, Signets, Mox Opal, mana rocks and similar are pretty quick and easy ways to accelerate.  There are also regular ramp like mana dorks and ramp spells.

As for the actual Moxen (i.e. Mox Ruby, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Emerald), they aren't legal in Modern.
even chrome mox is banned unfortunitely
mox opal was probably the mox you saw.  maybe everflowing chalice
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