The Fabulous Build-an-Item thread

Okay, if nothing else comes of this iteration of the rules, the item creation charts need to stay.
With that, let's make some magic items. Roll on the Detail Tables and let's see what we get, or propose new and exciting magic items or new versions of existing magic items.
Let's have some fun with this. Here is my first roll up.
 Elemental air, prophecy, illusion, war leader, muttering, +1 longsword
This finely crafted long sword is light and graceful. The blade appears to have wisps of clouds moving and shifting about it, occasionally responding to the local weather (darker cloud wisps, appears to be raining).

The sword was forged for powerful warrior to wield in response to a dark prophecy that would lead to powerful storms destroying everything or it could be trying to bring about that prophecy. The whisperings of the sword are unclear but they are focused on the prophecy.

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This idea is too much fun to resist

 I rolled the following: Elven Make/ Legendary/ Waterborne/Compass/Key (gotta love rerolling 20's)/Coveted/Longsword (I rolled to see if it would be armor, weapon, or ring, then decided I didn't want to roll between normal weapon, staff, or wand so I just rolled a normal weapon)

This expertly crafted longsword has a "wave" pattern glimmering across the surface of the blade and a vine motif across the pommel. It feels lighter than normal, as if it were not forged from steel, a clear indication of a masterful elven smith. It also has a strange regalia carved into the pommel.

This is the blade of the legendary Pirate and Mercenary Tigs Armarth. It is unclear whether the sword was payment for some great deed, or if it was stolen from it's true owner. What is clear is that the legends say Tigs' sword is the key to his treasure vault, containing all the artifacts and jewels he plundered from Men, Dwarves, Elves, and even Dragons. Because of this, and the uncertainty of Tigs' ownership of the blade, every scoundrel, thief, adventurer, and elf wishes the blade, and the rumored trove, for themselves.

This is really cool... I think I'll keep this one in my back pocket Laughing
I really enjoy the flavor that it adds. I certainly agree that more flavor added tables like this can really help the imagination and I definitely get enjoyment just rolling to see what adds up. I feel like moves like this are more enjoyable than 50 pages of pre-created items. It is a lot of fun to just roll (as seen above).
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 I rolled the following: Elven Make/ Legendary/ Waterborne/Compass/Key (gotta love rerolling 20's)/Coveted/Longsword (I rolled to see if it would be armor, weapon, or ring, then decided I didn't want to roll between normal weapon, staff, or wand so I just rolled a normal weapon)

*Correction* When rolling for Minor Properties, if you roll a 20, you roll twice (2d20) and if either of those are 20s, you reroll them (so that they are not 20s). So you don't keep adding Minor Properties, 2 is the max.
Dwarven>Symbol of Power>Key>Mistaken

I chose ring because it fit the properties well.

A ring made of precious metals mined deep within the Earth and adorned with precious gems of different shapes and sizes as well as a Dwarven Sigil. Dwarven runes inscribe the inside of the ring and speak of unlocking great power and riches. The ring was forged for a mighty Dwarven King. It was worn by him at all times and was the sole   key for accessing his royal vaults. When stangers look upon the wearer of this ring, they often mistake him for someone that they know of but can't remember where they know him from. This sense often causes them to think he is famous or well-known. Combined with the air of power that surrounds the wearer, many people believe him to be royalty.
Here's an odd question, one I thought up while rolling my sword and again when reading this ring.

Where are the options for the actual "magic" effects? We have quirks and minor abilities, but nothing major. All of the more iconic powers, catching your sword on fire, bane to X monsters, invisibility, shape change, ect. aren't listed under any of these tables.

Are we supposed to just add these to the weapons we roll? Are we supposed to take the weapons from the list and add these traits to them? These items feel unique, but we can't use these tables to create anything comparable to the Holy Avenger sword or the Black Dragon Scale of Resistance. Not that every party or PC needs something that powerful, but if we are going to be crafting our own magic items shouldn't we have options for making these sort of powerful items?
For my playtest group i played with the magic items packet and 

I came up with a
Celestial Bow

Item Category [1d6 = 2] = Weapon
Magic weapons are a staple of all campaigns. Adventurers of all kinds value such weapons increased accuracy and damage.

Item Model [1d100 = 99] = Bow, short or long
This bow is a longbow 6' in lenght.

Item Creator [1d20 = 5] = Celestial
The weapon is light (half its normal weight) and inscribed with feathered wings, suns, and other symbols of good. Evil creatures are put off by its wholesome presence.

Item Nature [1d8 = 6] = Religious Icon
This item was used in religious ceremonies dedicated to a particular god. It has holy symbols worked into it, and followers of that god will attempt to reclaim the item if they spot it.

Item Minor Property [1d20 = 9] = Illusion
The item is imbued with minor illusion magic, allowing its bearer to alter the item’s appearance in minor ways. Such alterations don’t change how the item is worn, carried, or wielded and have no effect on its other magical properties. (For example, the bearer can make a red robe appear blue, or make a gold ring look like it’s made of ivory.) The item always displays its true appearance when left unattended.

Item Minor Quirks [1d20 = 2] = Confident
The item makes its bearer feel nigh invincible. This sensation does not protect the bearer from fear effects.

Celestial Bow
This longbow is 6 feet 1/2 long and is made of unknown
material. Its very flexible and silvery white in color. Its
engraved with supernal symbols and glyphs depicting suns. 
Evil creatures are put off by its wholesome presence and the
bow makes its bearer feel nigh invincible in from of them. 
  Property: You gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the 
damage rolls you make with this longbow, It is lighter than 
most bows and only weight 1 lb. It can function as a holy symbol 
for any sun domain deity. While unbounded, it can be commanded 
to change shape, which will cause the string  to vanish and the 
body  to straighten and take on the shape of a walking staff, which 
is treated as a quatterstaff. Arrows fired from this bow deal 1d6 
extra holy damage to evil creatures.
  Rarity: Very rare.

I also came up with a
Drow Leather

Item Category [1d6 = 1] = Armor
Magic armor is a common but vital item. In general, it protects the wearer to a greater extent than nonmagical armor.

Item Model [1d100 = 6] = Leather
This light armor is a leather.

Item Creator [1d20 = 7] = Drow
The item is black as pitch, light (half its normal weight), and inscribed with spiders and webs in honor of Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders. It might function poorly or disintegrate if exposed to sunlight for a significant time.

Item Nature [1d8 = 8] = Symbol of Power
This item was once used as part of royal regalia, an icon of a noble title, or a badge of office. Its former owner might desire it, or someone might mistakenly assume its new owner is the item’s legitimate inheritor.

Item Minor Property [1d20 = 12] = Sentinel
Choose a kind of creature that is an enemy of the item’s creator. This item glows when such creatures are within 100 feet of the item.

Item Minor Quirks [1d20 = 13] = Mistaken
While in possession of the item, the bearer is often mistaken for someone else. Strangers might feel that the bearer is someone familiar to them but can’t remember his or her name.

Drow Leather 
This leather armor is pitch black, and inscribed with spiders  and 
webs in honor of Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders. It was  part of
the regalia of royal guards of a noble house affiliated with Lolth.
It slowly disintegrate if exposed to sunlight for a significant time. 
  Property: You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you wear this leather  
armor and its not exposed to sunlight, in which case it soften and
offer less protection. It is lighter than most leather armor and only
weight 7 lbs. In the distance (100 feet or more) the wearrer is mistaken
for a Drow as his hair seems to pale and his skin darken to observers.
Finally, the symbols on the armor glow purple if any duergar comes
within 100 feet of it.
  Rarity: Rare.
Scale of the Elven Traitor - +1 Scale mail
(rolled Elven, Sinister, Tyrant, Slothful, picked armor)
 This exquisite suit of scale mail has fine scales in the shape of leaves and its fine construction makes it lighter and easier to wear.
This armor was once worn by an Elven war heroine who fell from grace. She believed that the elven race was being corrupted by dark forces from within. She took it upon herself to root out the evil.  While she had little evidence at first she did manage to find the evidence and took out the source of corruption. However, she was at it for so long and the hunt took so much from her, she became obsessed.  Obsessed to the point she believed that was her home tainted. In order to purge the corruption she opened the gates of the city to hordes of Orcs and Goblins and lead the assault herself. As she struck down her king in order to purge him of the perceived corruption, he cursed her and all that followed in her footsteps.
Properties: You gain a +1 bonus to AC while wearing this scale armor. This scale armor weighs half that of normal scale mail.  You receive a +1 bonus to Charisma checks when dealing with orcs and goblinoids. The weight of the curse slows down your movements slightly, causing a -2 penalty to initiative checks.

I keep rolling evil things.  
I dunno, I've kind of grown to not care for "Make-an-item" list. Whilst I do realize their value for newer players to help them develope items, which is why they "should" stay, I feel it takes a lot of the coolness away from individual items. But, that's just me.
My two copper.
Elven, Bane, Illusion, Coveted, Dragon Scale

Tyr's Scales: This set of armor was crafted for a legendary hero from the scales of a dragon that he felled. It was said that Tyr would roam the kingdom in this set of glowing red armor, reveling in the glory of the people who loved him so. However, legend tells that this hero met his end when his jelous brother murdered him, stealing the armor for himself.

Could easily roll a random item and then create a campaign around that item. It is also easy to change out some of the stuff for campaign specific cultures, locations and ect.

a few random ideas:

Uncommon, Elven, bane, language, mistaken, weapon-longsword

Forestward Blade: Longsword +1, Elven make (1/2 weight, forest motif), Orc bane (advantage when attacking orcs), sword speaks orcish and elven, wielder may be mistaken for a fey warrior when blade is drawn


Uncommon, Celestial, ornamented, traveler, metamorphic, implement-holy symbol

Amulet of the Divine Emissary: ½ weight amulet of precious metals and semiprecious stones (varies with metamorphic quality), wielder can ignore weather from 0’ to 120’, changes to match symbols of nearest non evil cleric or temple, can cast Sanctuary (1 charge) and Consecrate (2 charges).  Wielder must be a non evil cleric or druid and attuned to the wand.


Uncommon, Dwarven, symbol of power, strange material, slothful, weapon-dagger

Councilor’s Dagger: +1, polished marble, -2 to initiative, wielder can bypass common dwarven protective runes


Rare, Abyssal, arcane, unbreakable, covetous, implement-staff

Demonsmite Staff:  +3, must be a wizard, druid, or cleric and attuned; bears the mark of Igwilv, glows with dim red light, made of black demon bones, wielder becomes greedy for Forbidden Lore, expend up to 3 charges when you hit in melee, +1d6 unholy damage for each charge


Common, giant made, ornamental, illusion, painful, wondrous item

Jotun’s Bracers: Heavy metal bracers with large stones, they grip the arms painfully (-1hp while wearing), wearer can alter the appearance to any sort of metal and gem combination and vary the motif, they grant +2 to Strength and advantage on attempts to influence giants (intimidate, bluff, diplomacy)


Minor, fiendish, ornament, delver, metamorphic, armor-splint mail

Duergar Bone Splint: splint mail made of black leather and dark bone plates with red veins, highly decorative (devil faces, claws, etc), changes with the wearer’s mood (gets more spiky when angry, faces grin when happy, etc) -2 to bluff but +2 to intimidate, wearer can tell depth underground and direction to nearest path up


Minor, giant, arcane, beacon, covetous, ring

Rune Ring: sheds light (bright 10’, dim 20’) on command, bears rune of a giant mage, wearer lusts for gold; ring appears as a heavy stone ring (marble, granite, obsidian, etc)


Minor, Celestial, bane, key, depleted, implement-staff

Cherub’s Crook: +1 staff, ½ weight, head of staff is stylized angel, does +1d6 holy damage vs. undead and fiends, is the key to a temple vault but will lose all power if used to open the vault (angel on head of staff will break off in door)



Uncommon, Abyssal, religious icon, song craft, hungry, weapon-long bow

Wailing Bow: +1, made of dark red thorn covered wood with a black sinew string, symbol of a demonic cult of Yeenoghu, must be smeared with humanoid blood each morning or lose all magic for 24 hours, and if wielder takes 1hp (uses thorns to cut themselves) bow will grant advantage on the next attack; makes horrible screeches when drawn and fired

Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations

As usual, writing the post as it happens:

Creator: 12 [Elemental (Earth): This item is crafted from stone rather than metal, though it weighs as much as normal. Any cloth or leather elements are studded with finely polished rock.]

Nature: 5 [Prophecy: Whoever bears this item is destined to play a key role in future events.]

Minor Property: 16 [Tyrant: When the bearer contemplates or undertakes a benevolent act, the item grows icy cold. Clearly it was created for an evil purpose.]

Minor Quirk: 11 [Melancholy: While carrying the item, the bearer experiences feelings of ennui and might cry when confronted with failure or overwhelming odds.]

Weapon: 94 [Crossbow]

So here's the combined features:
This crossbow is crafted from stone rather than metal, though it weighs as much as normal. Even the string seems to have miniscule studs of finely polished rock along it. While carrying the item, the bearer experiences feelings of ennui and might cry when confronted with failure or overwhelming odds. When the bearer contemplates or undertakes a benevolent act, the item grows stone cold. Clearly it was created for an evil purpose. Whoever bears this item is destined to play a key role in future events.

So, evil earth elementals made this crossbow. It overwhelms its bearer's emotions, depriving them of hope. Should they try to rectify these feelings with good works, the crossbow reacts angrily. Whoever bears this crossbow will play a part in prophecy, either because of who they became as they strengthened against the crossbow's onslaught, or because they fell into its pit and have succumbed to the psychotic need for dominion. And there's only one way to find out which one it will be...
"Our idea of rules modules has a wide range of scope; sometimes, our rules modules might just be small tweaks and variant rules, while other times they could be large-scale changes and entirely new subsystems. We want people to make the game their own, and that means provided a whole array of possibilities based on what you, the players, tell us that you want." -D&DNext Q&A Blog, 8/29/12, Answer #3.
My wife wanted another one, so here goes:

Armor (since we did a weapon last time)
Creation: Ancient Human: This item is old but plainly of human manufacture. The meaning of any symbols or heraldry emblazoned upon it is likely lost to antiquity. Pick a fallen kingdom from your campaign or an ancient figure of legend. This item somehow connected to that place or person.
Nature: Ornament: Used in parades or to commemorate a special occasion, the item is festooned with inset gemstones, gold or platinum inlays, and ecorative filigrees. It might have been commisioned as a gift to commemorate a great deed.
Property: Delver: While underground, the item's bearer always knows his or her depth and the direction (though not distance) to the nearest staircase, ramp, or other path leading upward.
Quirk: Coveted: (Why do I keep rolling 4?) Other intelligent creatures that see the item desire it for themselves, although few take action against the bearer to claim it.
Armor: +1 Ringmail (Uncommon)

This ornate +1 ringmail was commissioned to reward the first leader to volunteer to explore the Underdark when humans first arrived in the land. Although the Underdark held more deadly experiences than the group could handle, the leader, whose name has been lost to time, led his remaining followers back through the labyrinthine Underdark back to the surface world. What scattered pieces of the story remain tell of the leader's ringmail, which seemed to glow attractively to the followers, as if beckoning them to follow it. This may be exaggeration, but other stories tell of assassinations over what may be the same suit of armor.
"Our idea of rules modules has a wide range of scope; sometimes, our rules modules might just be small tweaks and variant rules, while other times they could be large-scale changes and entirely new subsystems. We want people to make the game their own, and that means provided a whole array of possibilities based on what you, the players, tell us that you want." -D&DNext Q&A Blog, 8/29/12, Answer #3.
I was preparing a short adventure for my group today and decided to chance a roll on the magic items listing despite most of the players only being level 2. I rolled a 95 and ended up with a single Uncommon item so I thought I would try adding a little flavor and I think it's a lot more fun than just dropping a +1 Longsword. It definitely helps get the creative process rolling.

Creator: Elemental (Fire) [I decided to go with Efreeti]
Nature: Sinister
Minor Property: Sentinel
Minor Quirk: Friable

A Dark Adept of Hextor drops this +1 Longsword: This ancient longsword has a hilt of heavy black iron with a dark red serrated blade and feels warm to the touch when picked up. The blade is chipped and heavily worn though it still feels incredibly well balanced. A DC15 Intelligence check determines that it looks similar to blades used by a group of shadowy warrior clerics over three hundred years ago when they crusaded in the Southern Lands and massacred people in the thousands in an attempt to centralize power under themselves and thier one, true god. The blade will give off a red glow when a Djinn is within 100ft.
Nice Blade !
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