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After running my prerelease at a different location for RtR , I only realised last-minute that I had to pack empty DCI numbers. I found some on the bottom of a drawer, but why do we need the paper form? 

Most tournaments have WIFI internet access, or smartphones with independent 3G/4G wireless options. It would be much easier if the whole registration process were done online. Either a webform behind a login for TOs, or even a general public form (might not be smart if you want to prevent duplicates) TOs can sign up new DCI numbers by Firstname, Lastname, emailadress, and the new DCI member gets a welcome mail even during the tournament.

Might even work to just add an (optional) email field to WER, that only pops up when entering a new DCI number (I realise that including that in the upload requires a major overhaul of the upload process, and might be harder to program than it looks)
Jasper Overman L3 judge Enschede, the Netherlands
Hey JasperO

This is great feedback! I will research what can be done to have a feature like this. 

This would be great - FWIW, we issued ~40 new DCI numbers in RtR Pre-releaseand have run out.

Could be even from WER to get as an oganizer additional DCI numbers (with registration code as well), some button like "Get X new DCI number", then just get from server 10 for example, write it down and register people and a small document to print out to give to users to re-register after they go home (to activate the DCI)
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