How I feel the starter packs for RTR should have been done

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First off, I want to make it clear that I understand how the intro packs are designed and why Wizards makes them. The intro packs are meant to sort-of showcase some of the mechanics/strategies in the current block, and provide new players with a deck they can use. Sadly Wizards has been doing a bit of a sub-par job on these decks. These decks are supposed to be their "first impression" on a new player, and I feel they can do a lot better while still leaving room for improvement.

Picture this, if you please: Most intro packs will be bought by new players who possibly have a few friends that got them into the game. So they pick out their deck from the four options and go to play with their friends... only to have their butt handed to them by any deck with a decent amount of strategy to it. Then the newbie will either feel too discouraged and give up, bug his friends for help/cards, or go here and ask for help.

Now, I'm not saying "omg let's throw all the good cards in here and make it amazing!!!" I am, however, wanting to try my hand at re-tweaks of the intro packs so they work better while still keeping the same concept behind them. Before I go working on them all, I'll start with the Rakdos deck. If you feel that I did a decent job, I'll continue. Heck, I might do a blog on here where I redo intro decks from different blocks.... maybe.

[TL,DR] Intro decks suck, imma try to make it better

Rakdos Deck

(btw, the deck list I made has the same number of cards from m13 and one less uncommon when compared to the one Wizard's made.)

While this deck isn't going to win any competitions soon, it will provide a better start for a new player. The deck is a bit better focused, and also provides more of a support for the unleased ability. Also I took out the unnecessary discard junk in the deck, and the random scavenge critter (why wizards?) Yes, the deck has some crappy cards in it, but that's how it should be. As stated before, I'm trying to keep to the theme of intro decks. I just want to see if I can do it better

"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."

More focused? You're running Daggerdrome Imp, Carnival Hellsteed, Giant Scorpion, Canyon Minotaur, and Disentomb in an aggro deck. Also Blood Reckoning and Racecourse Fury are pretty awful, at least the other bad choices are creatures, removal, or buff spells.
More focused? You're running Daggerdrome Imp, Carnival Hellsteed, Giant Scorpion, Canyon Minotaur, and Disentomb in an aggro deck. Also Blood Reckoning and Racecourse Fury are pretty awful, at least the other bad choices are creatures, removal, or buff spells.

The carnival Hellsteed is the foil rare from the into pack, so I had to include it. I also kept the Canyon Minotaur and Blood Reckoning from their pack as well. The imp can be an evasive attacker who also nets you a bit of life; an important thing for a deck that prefers to attack and not block. The Giant scorpions at least have deathtouch which means they can either swing and have their opponent lose something, or keep back as an excellent blocker (since the deck really has nothing that you want to block with). The racecourse fury was better than some of the other cards they gave, and it's the best option I could find for giving haste in that deck.

Disentomb I feel is great for an aggro deck. You'll be losing lots of creatures in battle, and this lets you get them back to swing again. How is that bad?

And I think you forgot that this was a re-tweak of an intro pack. Not one that I would personally play, but more of how I feel the sealed product should have been done.

"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."

You don't have to include it. If you were redesigning the product you could simply choose a more suitable card as the foil.

Disentomb would just be better as another creature. If your creatures never die (ex. they use cards like Terminus, Detention Sphere, or Feeling of Dread) then you never get to use it. It never gives you options before your creatures die, so you have less options for applying pressure to your opponent in different ways early in the game as well. Then when you do get creatures back they cost an additional mana, which is definitely relevant. Green Sun's Zenith is an amazing card since it gives you all the utility right away, but even the additional to cast the creature can be very relevant, so I wouldn't just slam it into every green aggro deck.

I don't think Daggerdrome Imp or Giant Scorpion are good because in an aggro deck as a general rule your creatures should have power equal to their mana cost, if not more, unless they have an ability extremely relevant to the deck. Vault Scirge is fine in Stompy and artifact decks, because it can be a one drop with evasion that is great to buff, but I can't see Imp being good anywhere really. As for Racecourse Fury. You don't need to give your creatures haste. Fury effectively costs two mana to give your first creature haste and one mana for every additional creature, definitely not worth a card in an aggro deck that could just be another threat.

Bladetusk Boar and Bloodhunter Bat would both be better than Canyon Minotaur, though I think I'd just cut it. Four drops are pretty slow. and Rakdos is a hasty guild.
For removal Ultimate Price would work. However, Searing Spear and Crippling Blight would be the absolute best I think.
Crimson Muckwader seems like a must.
A better flashy foil card would be Desecration Demon or Rakdos, Lord of Riots. Even Underworld Connections would be better I think.
Hellhole Flailer would be a great Rakdos creature to include.
Thrill-Kill Assassin, Splatter Thug, and Dead Reveler would all be fine.
Mogg Flunkies is good if it is allowed flavorfully.
Mark of Mutiny would be a better tool to have access to than Racecourse Fury.

I totally get where you are coming from rage man I think it's a good try.

The only thing id say is the emphasis on the playset. Freakin dumb decks never have playsets of even common cards, and the mana curves are always retarded. Make it with sets, a decent curve, and you will sell me on it.

Mr sleepy is being a bit too spike IMO. It's intro. It's SUPPOSED TO SUCK


If it's supposed to suck then why are you suggesting adding playsets? I'm not trying to make the deck competitive in any specific format, I'm just trying to give it some actually synergy and make it represent more of what the Rakdos guild is supposed to do (dump its hand and eat your face).

Playsets, well nice, make it seem like the deck has no room to grow. I'd limit the deck to three copies of any given common and two copies of any given uncommon, Wizards likes their products like dual decks to have some interesting variance.

They're called intro decks for a reason. They're made to introduce players to the game. It's why thy seem a bit all over the place. Wizards goal is to fit in a bunch of little interactions to make new players go, "Oh, so if I do this then that happens." It's a really natural way of educating people about some of the nuances of magic.

   as for why they don't iclude playsets, it's to make people want to buy packs, in order to get the cards they like.
I would have killed, literally ended someones life, to NOT have Arrogant Bloodlord riding a giant ant... Good times:
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The great land debate:
97563441 wrote:
Zendikar had fetchlands, and Worldwake had manlands. What are the new Scars duals called?
61325265 wrote:
Explosive Peanut Lightning lands. Well, that's just what I call them.
61325265 wrote:
58232598 wrote:
i'm just trying to figure out what the point of saying this is. it's just really random.
And so the pot met the kettle.
First off, you're suggesting that I change the foil to a card that doesn't even have the rakdos's mechanic on it, and take out all the fluff.... Now how is that an intro pack? I was thinking about the Crimson Muckwader, but I was already at the limits of the inclusion of uncommons, so it was either that or something with unleash. The canyon minotaur is there because wizards wants to include vanilla creatures in their deck as a break from all the wordy cards. Also I love how you suggested a "borrow" red spell that makes the borrowed creature permanently bigger with no way to get rid of it before giving it back. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Sleeping, please go read the original Rakdos intro pack decklist for RTR, post it here, and tell me which is better.

Thanks for giving me a bit of support. Compaired to the original deck I lowered the mana curve and took out some lands that didn't belong. Also I feel they don't give playsets of cards in intro packs so they feel more varied. Still, this deck to me feels a bit more like a good seed that I could work with instead of very few good cards and a bunch of fireplace fodder.

Given the hate that sleeping has expressed for my idea, I probably won't bother trying to fix the other intro packs. I don't feel like getting shot down again.

"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."

"At the core of the deck are creatures with the unleash ability."
"gives up the idea of playing defense. Get ready to start attacking your opponent and hit hard and fast."
"while using your removal spells to kill any blocker that stands in the way"
"When your opponents attempt to stabilize by keeping creatures back on defense, spells like Traitorous Instinct and Crippling Blight will punish them for giving you that extra time while you maintain the tempo of your attack."
"If your assault isn't enough to end the game, you can use cards like Hellhole Flailer and Shrieking Affliction to finish things off."

Those all sound perfectly on par with suggestions I offered.

Also I didn't express hate for your idea. I said that (some of) your card choices were bad for something that looked like i was supposed to be an aggro deck.

WotC is trying to walk a fine line with these intro decks. They aren't exactly "supposed to suck", but they are trying to create a product that shows off the new set and mechanics, and yet creates a "hook" that leaves the buyer wanting more and hopelessly addicted. They aren't supposed to show off what a playset of one card can do, but just what one card can do, and move on to the next 3 cards, if that makes any sense. 

In truth, I agree with about half the OP's suggestions. But honestly, they weren't really meant for us experienced players, and this is really just a thread that shows how diff (experienced) players have a slighty diff approach to what they would deem a "Rakdos" should be. Yes, the intros COULD be better, but every bit WotC makes them better, they step away from the goal of making that newly "hooked" player go out and buy some more cards.

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