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I want to submit a build for the guide Archmage's Ascension by RuinsFate. His guide has been a great help for me and I'd like to think of this as saying thank you for that work. Before I submit this build I want everyone to look it over first to make sure it is optimized enough for a CharOp Guide. 

I would really appreciate suggestions for items, but any and all suggestions would be welcome. Please bear in mind that I have almost no experience in epic and could use all of the help I can get there. I know Malec-Keth Janissary, Enigmatic Mage and Master of Flame are the normal paragon paths for pyromancers, this build allows for a bit more party involvement with Morninglord's Feature.

This build is designed to be a pyroblaster from levels 1 to 15. At 16, Morninglord's feature becomes available and the player will either start using a radiant staff to trigger it, or just use the radiant powers within the spellbook. In my limited experience daily powers are far more potent as control spells than as damage spells, and that's why Visions of Avarice and a few other Dailies are included. 

At 21, Starborn from Radiant One then applies when you have combat advantage, and all your powers which do damage gain the radiant/fire keywords when you hit an enemy with combat advantage. 

I've heavily used the guides from RuinsFate and Nausicaa for this build, and would like to thank both of them for their hard work in creating Archmage's Ascension and The Power of Knowledge, respectively. The Character Builder was used to build this PC.

The current version uses Hidden Sniper to address the problem of Combat Advantage. Using this with a Shadow Band ring or Shadowstaff seems to work out. Wizards Wrath also seems like it could be a good choice for the build. With the Quickened spell Wintertouched may be an option instead of Hidden Sniper or Wizards Wrath.

I felt the build needed a new name, and this seems to fit.

Hell-to-Heaven, level 30
Tiefling, Wizard (Mage), Morninglord, Radiant One
School: Pyromancy School
School: Evocation School
Expert Mage Option: Pyromancy School Expert
Master Mage Option: Pyromancy School Expert
Background: Gritty Sergeant (Longsword Proficiency)
Theme: Infernal Prince
Final Ability Scores
STR 10, CON 14, DEX 16, INT 28, WIS 18, CHA 14
Starting Ability Scores
STR 8, CON 12, DEX 12, INT 18, WIS 12, CHA 10
AC: 44 Fort: 40 Ref: 44 Will: 44
HP: 140 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 35


Level 1: Staff Expertise
Level 2: Hellfire Blood
Level 4: Enlarge Spell
Level 6: Unarmored Agility – Retrain to Hidden Sniper at level 20
Level 8: Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff)
Level 10: Initiate of the Faith (MC Cleric)

Level 11: Hellfire Arcanist
Level 12: Dual Implement Wizardry
Level 14: Arcane Implement Proficiency (Heavy Blade) – Retrain to Lasting Frost at level 21
Level 16: Secrets of Belial (Obtain Borrowed Confidence from Swordmage lvl 16)
Level 18: Destructive Wizardry
Level 20: Improved Defenses

Level 21: Radiant Advantage
Level 22: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Spell Accuracy
Level 26: Arcane Mastery
Level 28: Wizard Implement Expertise
Level 30: Explosive Spellcasting


Wizard at-will 1: Schorching Burst 
Wizard at-will 1: Thunderwave - Quickened
Wizard at-will 1: Magic Missile
Wizard encounter 1: Burning Hands
Wizard encounter 1 Spellbook: Glorious Presence
Wizard daily 1: Flaming Sphere
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Sleep

Wizard utility 2: Shield
Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Arcane Insight

Wizard encounter 3: Fire Shroud
Wizard encounter 3 Spellbook: Color Spray

Wizard daily 5: Visions of Avarice
Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Summon Magma Beast

Wizard utility 6: Fire Shield
Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Emerald Eye

Wizard encounter 7: Fire Burst
Wizard encounter 7 Spellbook: Lightning Bolt

Wizard daily 9: Wall of Fire
Wizard daily 9 Spellbook: Summon Succubus

Wizard utility 10: Repelling Shield
Wizard utility 10 Spellbook: Illusory Wall

Morninglord encounter 11: Pure Glow

Morninglord utility 12: Rising Sun

Wizard encounter 13: Blackening Pire
Wizard encounter 13 Spellbook: Arcane Chastisement

Wizard daily 15: Ball Lightning
Wizard daily 15 Spellbook: Stonewrack

Wizard utility 16: Borrowed Confidence (Swordmage utility replaces Stoneskin through Secrets of Belial)
Wizard utility 16 Spellbook: Flame’s Protection

Wizard encounter 17: Furnace of Sand
Wizard encounter 17 Spellbook: Gripping Chains

Wizard daily 19: Evard's Black Tentacles
Wizard daily 19 Spellbook: Wrath of Battle

Morninglord daily 20: Lance of Dawn

Wizard utility 22: Time Stop
Wizard utility 22 Spellbook: Fire Sigil

Wizard encounter 23: Chain Lightning
Wizard encounter 23 Spellbook: Fiery Rebuke

Wizard daily 25: Summon Marilith
Wizard daily 25 Spellbook: Rime Beasts

Radiant One Utility 26: Star Flesh

Wizard encounter 27: Black Fire
Wizard encounter 27 Spellbook: Steal Time

Wizard daily 29: False Reality
Wizard daily 29 Spellbook: Phantom Reality

Items: Accurate Staff of Ruin +6, Defensive Staff +6, Circlet of Indomitability (epic tier), Amulet of Protection +6, Deathward Shield (epic tier), Many-Fingered Gloves, Opal Ring of Remembrance, Ring of Free Time, Shadow Band, Ring of the Radiant Storm, Belt of Vim (epic tier), Magic Cloth Armor +6, Eager Hero’s Tattoo (paragon tier), Boots of Teleportation, Mummified Hand, Elven Chain Shirt (paragon tier), Stone of Flame, Dice of Auspicious Fortune, Pelor’s Sun Blessing (level 3), Frozen Whetstone (heroic) x 35, Siberys Shard of the Mage (epic tier), Spirit of Storm (epic tier), The Shadowstaff, Gauntlets of the Ram

In terms of dailies, it's true that the control oriented ones are more impressive, but you don't have the feats or items to back them up, really. While Visions of Avarice is a great nova cluster power, you absolutely will regret not having Wall of Fire at 9 and something to chuck enemies into it; this really presents a conundrum to your build, and demonstrates the problem with choosing just Fire powers to work in both Radiant and Cold Vuln instead of a Weapon of Summer, Incendiary Flaming Dagger, Crusader's Mace, or Radiant Staff to handle your Damage Conversion.

You're really only gaining +19 damage from the combined Vuln, and only against targets you've hit that were granting you CA. Considering your current setup can't actually self-generate CA (you need CA to deal radiant, which is how you continue the CA?), and even with subbing Wintertouched in for Radiant Advantage it still takes you 2 hits before you can Chain Lightning (or any other power without a native Fire keyword) properly. If targets are dying due to real striker allies, you can't even do that.

If you insist on keeping the Vulns, you need Superior Reflexes to start you off with CA, and I'd suggest either the Crusader's Mace or Weapon of Summer and appropriate CA feat (Weapon of Summer costs a feat but is marginally better) so you're at least constantly self-generating against targets you hit without having to pick crap powers. Seriously, get Thunderwave with Gauntlets of the Ram to push enemies into Wall of Fire, and make that your Quicken, 3xdamage to 2 targets > 1xdamage to 5. You lose the +1 hit from Accurate Staff and +6 damage from staff of ruin but gain CA more reliably and can actually set off your Vulns with your Quicken Spell.

On the note of multi-attacks, Melf's is only decent at level 9, at level 15 you can be taking Stonewrack (similar to Wall of Fire but easier for allies to abuse)/Ball Lightning (your Flaming Sphere upgrade) now. And Evards at 19, no question about that one. Similarly for Encounter powers, Corrosive Mist or Lightning Bolt beat the hell out of Fire Burst, Furnace of Sand > Dancing Flames (though I'd do Gripping Chains in Epic for obvious reasons), etc. Decent Dice and Half on Miss doesn't make a power remotely as good as something that can trigger your Vulns multiple times to basically the same number of targets (give or take 1). I'd actually strongly consider Arcane Chastisement and Flaming Rebuke since you otherwise have 0 IAs.
"Invokers are probably better round after round but Wizard dailies are devastating. Actually, devastating is too light a word. Wizard daily powers are soul crushing, encounter ending, havoc causing pieces of awesome." -AirPower25 Sear the Flesh, Purify the Soul; Harden the Heart, and Improve the Mind; Born of Blood, but Forged by Fire; The MECH warrior reaches perfection.
Just a little sidenote. The reason he is taking firepowers is probably becuase there is no easy firedamageconverter.

Flaming dagger reads
Free Action- All untyped damage dealt by this weapon changes to fire damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal

Seeing almost all of the wizards powers do typed damage it's useless.
A lot of people like to pretend that particular update never happened.  Especially since none of the other elemental weapons were changed.
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Initiate of the Faith is MC Cleric, off the top of my head. That should be MC Sorc for the boost, or MC SM for Heavy Blades, if the former then AIP Heavy Blade - Weapon of Summer does fire nicely. Pity that item isn't always available.

I'll have a closer look over the rest of it.
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@ RuinsFate - I just finished updating it so you may need to refresh the screen first. Thanks for doing such an awesome job with Archmage's Ascension!
Also I didn't want the normal Master of Flame or MC SM as their are builds like that on CharOp already.

@ Mand12 - I'm going to stick with current updates, but Zathris is right that Crusader's Mace or Weapon of Summer would be fantastic with this build.

@ PestilenceX - Your right that the flaming dagger is borderline useless with wizards, but Weapon of Summer does exactly what most people need - some fire damage and the fire keyword. This allows for very easy fire damage converter. The +2/3/4 untyped damage with the incendiary dagger is nothing to frown about though.

@ Zathris - Thank you for your post. I was really hoping for comments like that!

From your suggestions using Weapon of Summer or Crusader's Mace it becomes much easier to trigger Burning Radiance while keeping all of the fire bonuses. This build uses now uses a Weapon of Summer (longsword) from level 16 - 20. I elected not to use Wall of Fire as I prefer Succubus for the dominate. I can get proficiency with the weapon through Gritty Sergeant, which would save a feat slot.

The build currently uses shadowstaff in the offhand for partial concealment, and gives combat advantage with hidden sniper. I know it's an artifact, and if that doesn't work other options include Wizard's Wrath or one of the radiant spells.

I've updated all of the powers as your right about each and every one of them. Arcane Chastisement and Flaming Rebuke will be in the Spellbook. Also as a tiefling I get Infernal Wrath, which is like an IA but is a free action.