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This deck is based around Nivmagus Elemental and Guttersnipe. Casting a lot of spells that leads to direct damage and buff Nivmagus. Please provide critique, lot of work still needs to be done:


4x Nivmagus Elemental
3x Fog Bank
3x Augur of Bolas
3x Guttersnipe
3x Talrand, Sky Summoner or another bomb? Not sure if Talrand fits in

4x Pillar of Flame
2x Thunderous Wrath (trying to play for miracle cost, should I add one more?)
4x Searing Spear
3x Cyclonic Rift (is it really worth it, should I go with Unsummon here?
2x Volcanic Geyser --> Sideboard?

3x Mizzium Mortars --> Sideboard?
3x Epic Experiment

3x Dual Casting

4x Sulfur Falls
4x Steamed Vents
8x Mountain
8x Island

Other Cards I have been considering:
Flames of the Firebrand
Mercurial Chemister
Izzet Charm

-Need to cut 4 cards - (@64 cards)

This is more just me brainstorming than anything else. Tried to combine what I saw in earlier threads. Would like to hear what other people think. Thanks!
Seems nice , i would remove the 2 Thunderous Wrath and put another Cyclonic rift . Remove the 3 Epic Experiment  and the  3 dual casting. if you have money put 4 bonfire of the damned or at least 2. everything else seems good
I think Mizzium Mortars is a good substitute for Bonfire of the Damned . What about the other cards, would you not substitute those in? I feel like the charms should be included but I don't know what to put in.
My suggestions:

Cut the fog banks, volcanic geysers, dual castings and epic experiments (do nothings and slow X spells).  Run the full 4 guttersnipes, they just do so much work.  Add some artful dodges, with a snipe in play its 4 damage for 2 blue and a clear path for a couple attackers or a big buff for the elementals.  If you still want an X spell run devil's play.  

And am I the only one that thinks guttersnipe+curiosity=fun times.
Sry for (un)constructive criticism, but in an instant/sorcery based deck like this, I'd recommend Runechanter's Pike anywhere from 2-3.
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get rid of volcanic geyser and thunderous wrath and epic experiment and dual casting. bith not so good. run a full 4 guttersnipes and add cheap spells like artful dodge and curisoity or amybe even a few counter spells. run izzet charm this card is so handy. spot removal or counterspell. such a good card.

cosider syncopate also

add delver. u r runnign a little sorcery and instant heavy anyway.

talrand is over-hyped. he gets taken out by the most played removal spell in standard. aka pillar of flame. he is way to fragile. i have played to many decks with him and i hate him. i would even run rewind over him. 

runechanterspike beefs up ur creatures and gives them a very helpful defensive attribute. aka first strike.

if u can affordit. run snapcaster mage!!!! the deck would be so much better
I agree with what was said above althouh a one of thunderous wrath might not be bad if you have room. I've closed many a game with miracled wraths. Think twice is also pretty nice with guttersnipe to get some more card draw. Another consideration is silent departure. The flashback is handy with guttersnipe and clears out blockers for nivmagus. Bounce is still relevent.
Do you guys see this is as a quick hit deck or a slow deck? The fog bank and X cards were there because I saw this more of a slow deck. Also, what is your opinion on flashback (Snapcaster) vs Pike vs Elemental. I think Pike should be dropped because I can get + 2 per instant/sorcery in the graveyard. However, if I try to make my Elemental bigger, it reduces my effectiveness of Snapcaster. Additional concerns:

1) Adding Delver? From what I here, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you dont. Id like to try to make the deck more consistent? If you think there is strong incentive to do it, I can.

2) I like Volcanic Geyser because its a cheap version of Bondfire/Devil's play

3) Artful Dodges and Curiosity are excellent combo cards with Guttersnipe. Will definitely have to add them. 'll include 1 Thunderous Wrath . however, what is wrong with Epic Experiment . I feel like it would combo extremely well with Guttersnipe . Do it for 6-7 mana, get 2 sorceries and instants that would do a minimum of 4 damage + i can draw 2 cards (with Curiosity).

4) I feel as though Cancel is greater than Syncopate , only worth 1 mana more and it will counter everything.

5) If I take out Talrand, do you feel as though I have viable win options?

Thanks again!
Updated my deck, let me know your opinions

Creatures (x11)
4x Nivmagus Elemental
3x Augur of Bolas
4x Guttersnipe

Enchantments (x3)
3x Curiosity

Instants (x11)
4x Searing Spear
3x Izzet Charm
2x Cyclonic Rift
2x Think Twice

Sorceries (x11)
3x Artful Dodge
4x Pillar of Flame
2x Mizzium Mortars
2x Devil's Play

Lands (x24)

Sideboard (x14)
3x Counterflux
2x Thunderous Wrath
3x Tormod's Crypt3x [c] Traitorous Blood
3x Smelt

I am worried that I do not have enough instants and too many sorceries. Please advise on how to improve this. I also think this sideboard can be buffed up. Thanks!

Have you been able to playtest? Where are your tough spots? 
Why no Goblin Electromancer?  Especially with this Curiosity engine in place, Electromancer can really let you make the most of your mana row.  Additionally, Vandalblast over smelt in the sb.
Over a third of your deck is made of instants and sorceries. Delver maybe?

Devil's play is super slow. Take it out.
 Replace with two more think twice for better draw.

You're running 11 creatures. Of those creatures, only four are a great target for artful dodge  (the nivmagus). Guttersnipes are okay targets, and the augars are terrible. So you have 8 acceptable targets. You're going to be in a lot of situations where your artful dodges won't actually DO anything, and when they do, it'll be enabling a guttersnipe to hit for two. Either cut it or find room for more creatures (electromancers? Delvers?)

Curiosity, same thing. The only real target for curiosity is guttersnipe.    Every other target is just plain not good. I'd cut at least one.  
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