Tips, mono black vamps.

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Whasshap. Ive got this mono black vamp deck that has kicks many an ass. However, ive been getting mana screwed latley, and I cant seem to get a creature other than @Vampire Nighthawk, despite 4 diabolic tutors, and a diabolic revelations. Tips?
kinda helps when u auto card in the cards from your deck...

can't help you any with some combinations when u don't tell us what you are playing with. 

What is the number of lands you have in your deck and what is the total number of cards in your deck?

How to autocard [card]Vampire Nighthawk[/card] = Vampire Nighthawk

How to "autodeck"
[deck=Example Deck]
My Awesome Description
32 Relentless Rats
4 Thrumming Stone
4 Coat of Arms
20 Swamp



Dark Ritual
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