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So I got hooked on D&D and decided to subscribe to the D&D insider. $9.95 per month yes please. I put in my credit card info and hit submit got a "Payment Authorization Failed" message. That's wierd I thought knowing there was plenty of money in the account. So I tried paypal same thing, I tried a debit card same thing. So I called the supporrtt number got a realy nice guy who asked some questions looked for some answers and came back with call Digital River they are the company that handles the online transactions. So I called digital river they said my bank was probably blocking them. So I called the bank they said nope we don't even see the transaction coming through from digital river. Welp I thought try again...same thing open a support ticket with both WotC and Digital River. Niether one seemed to care or be able to care or fix the issue. Anyway I am putting this up here hoping that someone from Wizards we see see this and decide that taking my money would be a good long term business plan. If not I hear pathfinder is real dope.
Hello ninjadru and welcome to the DDi boards. That's really unfortunate that you're not able to subscribe to DDi.

I suggest you contact Custimer Services and explain to them your situation in writing like you did here. Hopefully they will be able to resolve this issue.

Good luck
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