Rules for Connecting Tiles

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Is the example given on the bottom right of p. 4 of the rules a valid or invalid tile setup? According to the rule above on the page 'you must place tiles so that open edges are adjacent to other open edges', how is this example valid or invalid? Looking at the tiles and the way this is worded... it doesn't make sense to me. When it says, 'a wall can never be placed against an open edge'. What does 'against' mean? Along the side of, adjacent to?
It's not rocket science. The rule means that you must have two open edges and they must be adjacent to each other. That's the only way that two players can assemble their 4 tiles on their own and be 100% assured that the two halves will connect properly. The example is valid.
I'm a rocket scientist, hence the problem. The problem I had was thinking that the example was not valid and trying to figure out why. 
What it means is that you can not place a wall (straight edge) against an open side (the attachable edges). The example picture is valid for your side setup, your opponent does roughly the same and you attach the two together leaving no open edges on the board. (Solid black wall all the way round the outside, with the excption of a couple of the starting tiles, and a solid green wall for outside. )
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