Legendary Nephilim in Sinker?

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Maro has lamented that one cannot make a four color commander deck, as no such legend exists.  He said he would gladly errata  the nephilim to be legends if he could, because grafting a strictly negative mechanic onto all ready bad cards would actually make them more playable.  (Actually, I have a ink-treader/arcane deck that is both fun and reasonably good, but I play to be creative.)

So, in this block, most likely the third set, will we see legendary nephilim to be commanders and wow/annoy us with their inscrutable abilities?
Guild champions are all ready basically confirmed for sinker, which would be a 10 card cycle at rare or mythic. Having another cycle of rares/mythics in a small set seems unlikely but not impossible.
They'd most likely be mythic, but that would take up most of those slots. Champs would be rare I'd think, so the 2 color focus would stay on guild leaders from the previous blocks.
The old Nephilim weren't...that good. The logic was basically "Four-color cards? Cool. Unique abilities? Cool." It is, but the abilities themselves weren't a synergy of all four colors, nor were they something all four colors could do. Like, I can make a nephilim that uses Phyrexian Unlife on the proc, but I'm clueless about what to do with the other four.
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