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4 geist of saint traft
4 snapcaster mage
2 kitchen finks
2 restoration angel
4 delver of secrets

creatures 16

spells 23

4 lightning helix
4 lightning bolt
2 magma jet
3 serum visions
1 mana leak
4 path to exile
2 remand
2 vapor snag
1 cryptic command 

lands 21

3 arid mesa
1 eiganjo castle
1 hallowed fountain
2 island
3 misty rainforest
1 mountain
1 plains
1 sacred foundry
3 scalding tarn
2 steam vents
3 tectonic edge

ok so this is a deck i would like to make in the near future.  i would like to know if anyone had any suggestions. this is a deck based off of many decks i have watched played. i feel like i might need to add more counterspells. maybe switch the cryptic command and 1 magma jet for 2 spell snare possibly.  i need suggestion plz. not sure if restoration belongs in this deck and does my mana base have a good structure? i always run altleast 4 basic land for path to exile reasons.

should i take out some cards and maybe make more cards 4 ofs for consistency? i need suggestions on how to make this rough scetch better.

also i was thinking if i should take out delver. most boremandos dont run him. should i take him out and add steppe lynx or should i make my restoration angel count go to 3 and kitchen finks go up to 3 by taking out delver. maybe add vendillion clique?

also what should my sideboard look like?

Singes are a bad idea unless you're building the deck around one, usually a rare or mythic.  Thus, the castle, command, fountain, foundry, and leak should, probably, all go.  That lets you put in three more basic lands of your choice and two snares without removing a jet.  I'm not sure about removing delver, though.

i thought lots of modern decks do that though in 3 color decks. almost every one at worlds had atleasst one ofs of spells of lands because of all the fetch lands they have to get the land. i prob will do this though for budget purposes since it saves around 40ish bucks by getting rid of cryptic command and the lands.

here is a list after some more consideration that gices me a steadier mana base and is a little cheaper and has more counter magic which i like. the vapor snag is there becasue i dont htink most ppl expect unso=ummon effects in modern.maybe there is a reason for this though so i could replace these with maybe spell snare but these r like 10$ each so maybe.

2 vapor snag or magma jet or spell snare
3 mana leak
2 remand
4 path to exile
4 lightning helix
4 lightning bolt
2 spell pierce
2 sword of war and peace

23 spells

3 snapcaster mage
3 geist of saint traft
2 restoration angel
2 kitchen finks
4 delver of secrets

14 creatures

2 celestial colonnade
2 hallowed fountain
2 steam vents
1 sacred foundry
2 island
2 plains
2 mountain
2 misty rainforest
2 scalding tarn
4 arid mesa
2 tectonic edge

23 lands 

after several emails. i was told to add tectonic edge because it can completly turn around teh game especially agianst 3-4 color decks that only run 1 of certain shocklands. and it can also get rid of their 3rd open mana leak mana.

After printing abrupt decay and supreme verdict i see no reason for you to play any mana leaks or spell pierces.
man i cant even think of cards to run with the new set coming out. i forgot about the whole uncounterable crap. what should i replace leaks with then?
i fell like i need serum visions in here somewhere. any suggestions?
You need 4 visions. Cut 2 spell pierces and 2 mana leaks and you have it. That's how you ensure you flip delvers it is good library manipulation and it ensures you have control over the next few turns. I'd play 4 spell snares. Even with abrupt decay in the format this remains one of the best counterspells.
ok that sounds good.spell snares are also the most expensive $$ ONES XD lol idc though. ill buy them eventually.

 would more tempo cards be better to run also? such as vapor snag and cryptic command?

i was also reccommend maybe that i try azorius charm...anyone confirm this?

woould i benefit at all from running the new supreme verdict inmainboard? or should i put it in sideboard? 
Do you want to wrath your own board? I can see vapor snag and cryptic being good at racing. Don't be scared by spell snare's price. The card is awesome in modern -counters ravagers, platings, goyfs, snapcasters, confidants and a ton more cards. Azorious Charm seems a bit underwhelming in your decklist.
i just thought i would metion the charm for the fact that it is an "unsummon" tempo card.
any other suggestions from anyone?
Come up with a sb strategy vs jund that doesn't lose to abrupt decay.
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